O, Christmas Tree.



One of my favourite things about this time of year is decorating the tree. As a child I'd bet for the tree to go up as early as possible and my parents would always make us wait - for what felt like forever. We'd definitely have to hold off until December and I remember it being as last as the second week when we'd finally decorate. 

We've always settled on the first weekend of December for the last couple of years and it tends to just be momma smurph and I who decorate the tree. We've got a total of three trees around the house - our 7ft tree in the living room, a 5ft in the kitchen and a diddy one on the landing upstairs. And I wanted to share today some of the essentials I find for Christmas decorating... 

One of my favourite things in general is the beauty of fairy lights, they just make everything look so magical...and it's possibly the reason why my bedroom is covered in them all year round. I'll have them wrapped around the garland across the fireplace, the garland up the stairs, and even around our front door too. I'll always make sure they're the first item to go on any tree too!

Over the years I've started using less and less decorations; well okay, I just keep to the same things. The fairy lights, the beads, baubles and thats about it. I think it's really simple and works perfectly. 

Well, obivously! But one of my favourite things about our tree is a small selection of bauble match the red, gold and white colour scheme I've adopted over the years. Majority of these were gifted to me, the ballerina was a Christmas present a couple years back. We purchased a couple whilst on a family day out a while back and I love using them, I was also gifted a couple from my dance teachers after Christmas performances over the years. There's also a bauble with my name on it which was a gift from my boyfriend on our first Christmas together, he has one at his too! I find it special and both those decorations will be pack with us when we're ready to fly the nests. I want to start collection bauble's from cute shops or places I've been so each one eventually holds a memory.

There's nothing that better than welcoming the first weekend of December than decorating the tree with all the classics on full blast, we'll then try and settle down with a Christmas movie once the tree is done...but that's usually more of a struggle as we're either all ready for bed or it's mid-afternoon and we've still got a million jobs to get done.

Do you have a routine or any traditions when decorating the tree?


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