Sunday Summary #23: Festive Feelings.



It's been a while since I sat down and just babbled about my life and boy do I have a lot to catch you up on! I'm posting everyday until Christmas (or that's the plan) but for now I haven't really had my usually heart to hearts because I save those for Sunday.
Dear Diary....and that that jazz!
I have a lot of thought this week yet almost none at all, so I'll start with the most obvious one - I dyed my hair RED, it was no surprise I was changing my hair colour and after a week of being a red head I've become accustom to the colour, I'm still shocking people with it. I posted a picture onto my Facebook so that when I went to work a few hours later; it was less of a shock. Sad I know. I also have a fab new pair of glasses which I'll be reviewing in the new year - so keep an eye out for that.
When will it be acceptable for me to bring up Gilmore Girls? I've put Grey's Anatomy on the back burner this week and focused my attention onto the Gilmore Girls. I've been a massive fan of the series since I was 14/15 and I was screaming when I found out about the much so that I couldn't sleep the night before and woke up feeling like Christmas morning. First opinions however, are confused. I won't spoil it incase you've yet to watch...but there's so many moments of closure and scenes that filled me with so much pleasure and so many that left me confused and angry and how they could leave it the way they did. I'm currently watching again from S1 and will watch up to the revival and that's when I'll be posting a more detailed opinion.
As it's blogmas, obviously I need to talk Christmas. I get excited around this time of year, everyone gives me the responsibility of decorating Christmas tree's and I take over our house with fairy lights but this year I've done all that this weekend at Tom's house and my own, but I hate how forced I've made it this year. I've listened to the music since November, I've been watching those tacky lifetime/hallmark films since then too and nothing, nada. No feelings and I'm so sad because of that. I know, it's only Christmas and it doesn't really matter if you're feeling it or not but it's my favourite time of year and I'm trying to hard to treat everyone this year and I want to make the most of the end of 2016 but it just ain't happening. I'm going to continue to watch my films and listen to the songs and just try and enjoy my time with friends and family.
My lack of festive feeling might take effect on my blogmas posts in the next week or so - but for now I have some pre-planned content so fortunately you won't notice for a couple more posts. 


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