The Lush Christmas Range - For Those Who Don't Like Baths!



When I first heard of Lush I thought it was only for bath users and they only stocked bath bombs but thanks to my first blogger event back in '14, boy was I wrong. But over the years I've noticed how bath bombs are still a big thing that excites everyone about the brand; especially with their seasonal launches! 

I live in a house that just has a walk in shower and if I ever have want that relaxing bath I have a selection of 'emergency' bath bombs at my boyfriends house. That being said I'm always excited for the Christmas Lush Range and always slip up and purchase all the pretty bath bombs because something tells me that they're the only things I can purchase from Lush. Luckily this year I took a step back from buying unnecessary bath products and went a little heavy on the shower products. So today I'm sharing my purchases and top choices from the Christmas range for those who don't like baths.

Like many others, I'm 100% in love with this shower gel and in fact was my first ever purchase from the christmas range so automatically holds that place in my heart already! Personally I don't see how this sweet and citrus scent has become a seasonal favourite but it has and honestly it's a scent that I stock up on and use all year round anyway. 

I think I receive this in a gift set last Christmas and it kind of got lost within my lush drawer, so it's a rediscovery for this year. Although it's a much more subtle scent it's the same as snow fairy, now as over-powering but definitely longer lasting and these you with this amazing sparkle! What I love most about this and how it works for this time of year is how I can use this whilst getting ready for my Christmas parties for smooth skin and I can glitter like a queeeeen! 

Again, the same scent as the others, the same colour and it's as sparkly too.But the most annoying thing? I purchase this at this years creative showcase and it's been abandoned in my drawer ever since. My originally thought process of purchasing this was to use over the winter months to keep my skin soft and to keep that snow fairy scent more vibrant on my skin for hours after application. I want to use this up before this year is over, so time to dig it out and start making use of it!

As you might know, I'm a huge lover of citrus scents so you won't be surprised that this orange scent is my ultimate favourite from this selection. Orange is a scent that's always been my favourite; food, drink and now shower product. 

I picked this up back in September at the Lush Creative Showcase and I've been fighting for a reason to use this ever since. Last year I picked up a Halloween bath jelly and was in love, it was a little messy and fell apart so fast but I loved the scent. I thought the Santa belly looked cute and as soon as I read apple juice as the ingredients I was jumping at it! But unfortunately the scent wasn't something I could get a long with.  

I actually purchased this with the santa's belly and I've been putting off using this... it's terrible, fun looks so much fun and I'm kicking myself for not trying it yet. Part of me is a little worried to start using this as the last time I purchase some fun it melted within one use and I ain't ready for that again. But the scent of cherry and coca cola is honestly amongst my favourites! 

This post is dedicated to all the product that don't require using a bath tub and the baked alaska was one of my first Christmas range purchases, so automatically holds a special place in my heart. I'm like a broken record but citrus scents are just, they rope me in and I can't get enough of them. This colour soap has such a sweet scent which I don't find exactly seasonal but I love it and I stock up even more each year! 

I have a drawer filled with all my Lush favourites and half of the Christmas range fills that drawer. These amongst my favourites when it comes to having a pamper day. What your favourite pampering product? 


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