The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.


Today's an exciting day at See The Stars, I've been working on this post since October and now we're well on our way to Christmas it's finally time I shared this with you. I started my Christmas shopping in the middle of November and I'm glad I'm half way through my purchasing but I've been contemplating what to purchase for everyone since I started this post. I always find my gifts to friends become more and more similar each year so I'm always on the hunt for new gifts and stores to purchase from. 

Because of this I've worked on the biggest gift guide I've made to date, sharing as many gift sets, products and even sharing websites and stores with you; that I've only found recently myself. I've tried to make this as gender neutral as possible, adding both female and male gift products, but I've also tried to add as many 'unisex' products as I possibly could, but please remember I'm a girl who likes beauty products and that might show a little more than I hoped it would. 

A popular choice by many bloggers are books & disney, and this covers those perfectly. During the Autumn/Winter months we all go a little crazy for the Tim Burton film the nightmare before christmas. It's a fond favourite for us all, and this year the film adaptation celebrated it's 20th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with this gorgeous book! The illustrations are created by Tim Burton himself and I find them beautiful. I think this would be the perfect gift for any fan, I've already got this gift in mind for a friend of mine and even thinking of a few bloggers who'd love this too. 

As much as we don't want to admit it, we all receive socks and undies over Christmas and the weird thing about it, the older we get the more exciting a new pair of socks & pants can be, who's with me? But there's one main reason for me including these socks with you today, my family have a well known history for bad feet - not like they've got diseased feet or anything but it's become an hereditary things which over the years has become an inside joke between a few of us. Mine are fine right now, but momma smurph can suffer with hers. So I've given her these to be involved in this post - these socks are created to soothe, heel and revive hard, dry and rough heels. They're created with a nourishing formula which includes Chinese herbal recipes and nano-silver and I think will be a popular choice for anyone who suffers with feet issues. 

Most makeup lovers alike are excited to test out new products; am I right? So when I came across this lip plump I was intrigued, I considered how many of my readers would also think the same and ultimately just wondered if this worked. I never really bought into the lip plumper enhancement tools and always thought these things wouldn't work - but I remember a friend of mine using Lip Plump gels a couple years ago and noticed the results. Hoping that this would do the same I was looking forward to sharing this with you - unfortunately I found no difference to my lips; to me this is a glorified lip gloss. But if you're intrigued to test it yourself you can pick it up for £14.99 instead of the original price of £80 - using the discount code XMASPLUMP. 

Something about nuts remind me of Christmas, peanuts at the party tables, chestnuts roasting on an open fire? I don't know but with so many health nuts (ha, get it?) in my life, I thought these abakus hickory nuts would be perfect for those people. Personally I'm not a fan of nuts; but I wanted to include these as you may be and I'm around people who I thought would enjoy these too. So I pulled my boyfriend and my brother in for this part of the review (both are getting very excited by my blogging lately btw). I had them test the hickory nuts and both weren't overly impressed. I was told they had very little taste but with an overpowering after taste. 

We all love our beauty gifts, we do of course we do! But what's better than a little treat of chocolate, y'know that chocolate that you've probably eaten before Boxing Day is over? Majority of the time the chocolate we receive is the Cadbury selection box, Celebrations or Heroes and this time if you're thinking of purchasing chocolate for someone, you might want to consider a different type of chocolate. Love Cocoa is a chocolate brands created by the grandson of Mr Cadbury, so it's still within the Cadbury family - just without the family name. I received the British icons collections which is filled with six flavoured chocolate - milk chocolate dominican republic, honey & honeycomb, earl grey, Ecuador 70, English mine, maldon sea salt. My favourite being the - Honeycomb & The Milk Chocolate Dominican Republic. I asked my family for their opinions too; but they devoured every bar - so I'm to say they were an overall success! 

I decided to really mix this post up and include a wish-list alongside some of my personal photography, which in terms doesn't seem too weird but it's something I've never personally done on my blog. But for those really struggling with their Christmas shopping this year, I'm hoping this gives you plenty to look through. I focused on the food and drink with this wish-list; something I don't tend to receive myself but definitely wouldn't complain about. The microwave popcorn popper & the Nutella gift set being two of my personal favourites. I tried to combine those who drink alcoholic drinks and those who preferred a hot drink over the colder season; both of which make me happy. The more I focus my attention on this list; the hungrier I'm feeling. So, moving on...

I find phone-cases an awkward one when it comes to buying as gifts, would a person really be excited by a phone-case, y'know unless it's such beautiful design or they'd recently purchased a new phone. But after receiving my mr nutcase personalised case I've almost been converted. For my iPhone 7, I made to decision to use one of my personal favourite photographs from my trip to Disneyland Paris last year - a photo which my boyfriend took. You can created collaged images or using a single images, which can be printed and created into a phone case for the majority smart phones. I honestly think this would be a favourite gift for most - for parents, partners and even your best friend. And to create your own case at £14.95 - perrrrfect! 

I know for sure I'm not the only one who's obsessed when it comes to notebooks and everything stationary. Something I want to focus on more in the new year is keeping a diary. Keeping an eye on my dates; noting down the plans my friends are making and remembering the dates so I can book them off work and keeping my blogging in order too. I've tried several times over the years and since leaving university I find my diary gets lost after a couple weeks. Something I think will motivate me is the cutest new diary and keeping everything pretty with stickers and these stickers are the most adorable from Lace & Whimsy - there's so many designs, I need to order more. Also Kathy sends these in the most beautifully designed envelopes ever - I've never opened an envelope so gently before. 

Obviously candles are a fond favourite all year round, but throughout autumn/winter is my favourite time to get the candles out and I can't tell you how stupidly cosy I feel once that first candle gets lit. And I know I'm not alone with this feeling - friends and I over the years have picked up plenty of unnecessary candles but now I've got the sweetest scent in my bedroom around this time of year. I received the winter wonderland and sparkling evergreen both of which smell perfectly like Christmas. The sparkling evergreen is a spiced scent whereas winter wonderland is a softer and almost calming scent! 

Some things you can go wrong with when it comes to presents and for me - that includes; makeup and DVD's! The limited edition Kat Von D London Calling set is definitely calling me name and so is the glam clam (those brushes are beautiful!). If you've been following my twitter & sunday summary posts lately you'll be aware of my increasing obsession with Grey's Anatomy whilst I'm watching it through Sky Go, I'd still love to get my hands on the DVD collection! Also anything Disney definitely makes me happy. I've also added a few pieces that I'll possibly be purchasing for my boyfriend (Apple Watch) and for my brother (Ralph Lauren Polo Collection). Whilst I find at time's I love to splurge on family member; I also love the little bits and bobs or the stocking fillers, y'know those little gifts that are potentially never seen again after Christmas day but are fun on the day. Whilst they might seem silly, I find them enjoyable!

I'd been after a Polaroid for years, since my teens actually and before the fujifilm instax the originals were just too expensive to get my hands on..admittedly they're still a little pricey, but if you look in the right places (usually amazon, urban outfitters or pc world) you might find a deal! Tom got me my polaroid for christmas about two years ago now and it's always been put to good use, he actually purchased it as a set - so I had the camera and around 70 prints which came to around £100? You can also get cute accessories, like a selfie lens, a variety of films, cases and kits!  

Usually it's due to me running out just before Christmas (and my birthday actually) but perfume is always on my wishlist, Marc Jacobs being my favourite brand and any of the Daisy fragrances are usually on my list. This year I'm intrigued by the shine gold edition even if the price tag is a little off putting! I just can't get enough of the sweet floral scent of Daisy! 

And there you have it! My ultimate Christmas gift guide - as you can see I focused this based around my own interested as well as my family members; in the hope your family and friends who have similar interested too! Sometimes treating the family at Christmas can be a little difficult especially when shopping on a budget, but with just before Christmas sales I'm hoping I can really spoil the ones I love without breaking the bank! But I'm also making a few gifts this year which I'm really excited to do as I haven't been this creative in a while! 

What're you getting family & friends this year? What's on your wish-list for Christmas this year? 

*items marked with an asterisks were sent in collaboration with this gift guide, all thoughts and photographs are 100% my own* 


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  1. Omgoodness your photos are stunning, I think there is a few things on this guide I will be treating myself to...especially the chocolate hehe. Great gift guide here :)


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