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We all know Christmas is most exciting time of the year, okay maybe not for everyone but for most. And there's always plenty to get us in that festive spirit, some things are almost a tradition to me now and others I'm going to include are more 'bucket list' bits. Today's post Im including a mix of days out or just festive plans that I enjoy doing each year. 

Any Birmingham blogger will understand the joys of the German Market returning to the city centre, I certainly do. Obviously little things mean Christmas is officially around and the German market is one of those for me. I've attended the German Market at least once for the last 6/7 years and it's still as magical to me as the first visit. Get there in the evening with ice cold air, Christmas songs and twinkling lights all around and you'll definitely get that festive feeling. Pop to the stall with the handmade gifts, grab a burger and a hot chocolate with a shot of j├Ąger is a must, you won't be disappointed. Sadly this year the market is a little split due to major construction work happening in the city center; but you've got the ice rink and Ferris wheel which are frightening yet entertaining. 

Connecting with the Christmas Market, I love heading to the ice rink. My first experience ice skating was at an indoor arena but there's something a little more special about the outdoor rink at the German Market. I think I've romanticised this over the years; especially when watching American Hallmark films and the love interests connect with that ice skating moment, y'know? Or maybe because Luke made Lorelai that ice rink and I'm waiting til Tom makes me mine? But it's fun and I can't wait to get my skates on this year. And I love heading on the fare ground rides all year round, but those colourful lights in the darkness of a winter evening just make it a little more inviting. 

Okay, so this is definite bucket list - I've never been to London during the winter and over the years I've been desperate to see Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. There's shows, attractions, ice skating and ride (and possibly a whole lot more). Santa will be around somewhere and just the colourful fairy lights, oh it just looks beautiful...maybe one day ey! I think it's very similar to the Birmingham German Market just on a wider scale, but I've not been to both so I really can't say for sure. 

Since my days at university I've always had Christmas dinner with friends - so the friends have changed over the years and this is the first year I'll probably be doing it with the same group of friends for the second year running, but you catch my drift? Just a couple weeks before Christmas get your friends together and make a mini Christmas Day for you and your friends. Christmas jumpers is usually our attire choice, Christmas crackers and hats, Christmas tunes on full blast and Christmas dinner with all the festive trimmings. Personally I've never hosted this dinner as I still live with my parents but it's great when friends have university homes, halls or just now live away from their parents - it gives you all that festive feeling, especially when they're away from their family until Christmas Day itself. 


Well obviously!? But what gets you into the Christmas spirit more than decorating the house, than blasting and dancing along to Christmas tunes. This is easiest when the music channels turn every minute into Christmas chart lists, but if not I've got a Spotify playlist I've been listening too since the middle of November and it's perfect! I love those cheesy 70's tracks but over the last couple of years I've adored the re-releases of the old songs and all the cheesy pop songs that have been released. As long as I get to dance around with a santa's hat on, I'm completely content. 

Again, something I've done over the years. Again, with different group of friends but I'm always so excited by secret Santa. It's a little challenge to see how well you know your friends or how well you know your work colleague who you work with a couple shifts a week, even my family members have this as a family tradition now! It's usually a small amount and it tend to involve lots of draft gifts which I find thoroughly entertaining! I'm doing a blogger secret santa this year and I'm so nervous for my person to get her gift - I hope she likes everything! 

Obviously this all comes down to personal choice; however as a family we enjoy attending mass on Christmas Eve evening, sing a few Christmas carols and personally I love reminiscing on how I felt on that evening when I was younger and seeing that same happiness in the children's eyes. Once mass is over and that true spirit of Christmas is warm in me, we'll head home (usually picking up a Chinese on the way home) and we'll pop on Christmas films until bed time. The last couple of years we've watched home alone although last year we did a little binge watch of star wars with pizza. Same idea, different food and film. 

These are the little bits that keep me feeling festive throughout December. Some fill me with a little more Christmas joy - typing up my Christmas Eve story definitely filled me with that warmth. 

And I guess that's it! If I didn't stop here...this list could go on forever - but I feel like adding Christmas in New York and the Christmas parade's at Disneyland Paris would just be a little too unrealistic for my bucket list (especially this year). Saying that, I'd love to hear what's your Christmas time traditions or whats on your ultimate Christmas bucket list? 


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