Winding Down During Winter.



Over the years December has become one of my busier months; whether it was assignments or working hours and let's not forget having to fit in all those Christmas celebrations too. To me, one of the most important things about winter is taking the time out to relax, almost refreshing myself before the new year. If time and money allowed it, I'd call this my hibernation period and I'd sleep until Christmas Day. 

I was going to write a list or a check list of the things I do to assure a cosy afternoon - but that feels asthough I'm telling you how to wind down - but instead I want to share why I find it an essential. 

Honestly I'll take the opportunity to relax at any time, I'm such a lazy girl at heart. Between working, blogging and trying to maintain a social life I like to grab as much alone time as possible, sometimes it's really lonely and regret my decisions right away but other times after I've spent too much time around other people I find spending the day in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate and junk food with no judgement is everything I need and perfect to re-energize myself. Obviously my first thought when taking time out is watching films - I'm a media graduate and I work in a cinema, of course movies are my favourite things. Around this time of year majority of my film choices will be Christmassy but depending on the days or my current mood, it'll be a toss up before a Disney classic or a cheesy flick chick too. Since my teen years (almost 10 years ago...) I spent most of my time in my dainty little bedroom watching films, I mean the technology I've watched the films on has changed, my bed has changed and so have the decoration, but my comfort in this bedroom stays the same. 

Obviously taking the time to wind down and relax is an any time of day kind of thing but I focus most of my time like this to the evenings, with the warmth of my bed and the fairy lights lighting up my bedroom with endless hot drinks are perfect until I drift off to sleep. The simplicity of an evening like this relaxes me in more ways than one. I guess this is my way of calming down in general but also taking this time to myself to de-stress and reduce any anxiety or sadness I'm feeling. It's okay to take time out like this and it's perfectly acceptable to have days when this is your fix. After a tough day at work or generally feeling anxious, I'm excited to get home, get my junk food and climb into bed.

What's your favourite way to take time out to yourself?

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