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Weirdly one of my favourite things about winter is my makeup, more specifically the lipsticks. Over the years I accumulate a number of lipsticks; different brands yet similar shades. I try and try to test out new things but I know which colours suit me and I can't step away from that. So in today's post I thought it was about time I shared with you my favourite lip choices & colours - these are my go-to all day everyday. 

Personally I think these shades are a popular choice for most beauty lovers and especially at this time of year - so I'm sure you won't be shocked by my choices. I'll put my hands up and admit that my colours choices are stupidly similar; but I've included a mix of brands and each lipstick has a different finish & formula, so we've got a little mix going on!


MUA VELVET LIP LACQUE - HARMONY: First off I'm going to pre-warn you about the smell of this product, it's a little off putting. I'm secretly been hoping that it was a one-off product and I picked up the unlucky one but sadly not. The unfortunate thing is, the scent is incredibly off-putting...unless you like the smell of cough medicine, because that's exactly what it smells like! But other than that, these mua lip lacques have become my favourite matte lip products. I'm currently switching between two nudes; harmony and tranquility both have different shades which I'm struggling to decide which is my favourite. Harmony is a peachy/orangey toned which I find matches my natural lip colour, y'know? Tranquility  is a brown toned nude is my usual go to choice, this adds just that little extra to my lips, something about the colour gives my lips a shading and almost adds some volume to my lips. 

RIMMEL - 077 ASIA : I picked this up a couple months back but it got lost within my collection, butttt this is one of my favourite nudes. It's such an easy wear, the shade is a very natural shade, which makes it looks as though theres very little or next to no lip product, which might sound crazy but works perfectly when I've got a full eye-shadow going on, oh and the formula of the product practically glides on. I actually find this lipstick similar to the tranquility, however it's a lustre finish rather than the matte finish. 


MAC - RUSSIAN RED : This purchase was a high influence from the blogging community, but since that first purchase in 2014 I've never looked back. I've always been a fan of a red lip; but only when I style with a minimal makeup look. I talked highly of a handful of other red shades I own in my red lip edit post (here), I must've known I wanted to talk about these a couple months later. I purchased russian red as a treat to myself when I graduated a couple years back, I wanted that bold and untimely red lip and I have no other words but love. It's like this perfect red; not too pink or too orange. perfect!

MAYBELLINE - RED ESSENTIAL : Between the two choices, this is my go-to! The colours are identical so in that aspect I can't really call my favourite. Both are blue toned red with a matte finish, but what I like with both is that matte isn't drying but still has that staying power. I think I'll always grab for this one first as it's a smooth applications, it's a lightweight product that fits in my bag and I can easily replace a £4.99 product if I misplace it! 


SLEEK MATTE ME - VINO TINTO : If you read one of my recent blog posts (here) you'll know how much I'm obsessed with this lip cream I took a chance to try the sleek matte me products this year and now I can't get enough! I have a more detailed review on the post linked above, but I think it's the perfect deep berry shade for the winter months. Although I find the matte lasting time and it's crumbling effect really irritating the colour and the finish is the best for this time of year. It won't smudge while I'm drinking my hot chocolate or whilst I've got my scarf wrapped around me to keep me warm or even when it's raining, what seems like crazy ideas - they're viable reasons in my eyes! 

COLLECTION - 03 REVENGE : Similar to my red choices; these berry shades are almost identical too, yet these do have a difference. The sleek matte me has a couple hours lasting time, whereas this collection product does not, it's a shimmer finish and has a very minimal lasting time in comparison. Whilst I'd almost always pick up the vino tinto from now on, I'm very sentimental towards revenge as it was one of the first 'winter' shades I picked up and it became a staple product throughout this time of year. 

Over the years I've collected a couple of products that have enhance the use of my lipstick collection. Products that mattiefy a sheer finish, a product that means a product can last a couple extra hours and I've recently added the skin-chemist* lip plump to that collection. I find these products all to be a little frivolous and at times unnecessary, but using products like these do make things a little exciting. The lip plump, is a product to enhance lips to give them a much fuller effect. Personally, I don't believe it works as best as it advertises but I'm going to continue to give it a chance.  

I've been rotating these choices for the past couple of months and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, some are older favourites and others are new into my collection. Every product have a different reasoning for my purchasing and continued use. 

*Products marked with an asterix's were sent for review on 'see the stars'. however photography, thoughts & opinions are 100% my own*


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