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Disclaimer: I was sent these glasses a couple months ago and fell in love with them right away 
that I've had very little to say about them; except for I BLOODY LOVE THEM! 
So this is a little late because I wanted the post to be longer than four words long. 

Disclaimer aside; I've really struggled to find the words for this post. Every glasses wearer has that little spark of joy when receiving there new frames, you're prescriptions has changed, your eyesight has deteriorated but least you've got some fab new frames for least thats what I tell myself. As you can tell from this post, I'll be sharing the details of my favourite new lenses - which after 3 months of wearing, I'm still getting compliments daily. 

I've been wearing my frames since my teen years, getting my first pair in high school. I'll be honest I wasn't bullied and being 'four eyes' was never really a thing, but you're confidence is definitely knocked at that age and adding a bad eyesight to that takes some getting used to. Personally I was just glad I could see the board again and picking new frames every year as my eyesight worsened did make the trip to the opticians much easier. Although looking back some of my choices should definitely be left in the past and never to be seen again, HA. 

Honestly I've struggled with my looks recently and that's potentially the reason it's taken since November to review these frames. I haven't felt comfortable in front of a camera; I've disliked makeup looks that I've trailed and on the few good days, the camera disagreed anyway. Because of this I've just been procrastinating and refusing to take these images until I felt confident again, I still don't but I hit lucky with these shots. 

When looking for new glasses frames my main concern is the size; I tend to look for larger frames to compliment my face. I've got a round face with chubby cheeks so finding something to compliment *hide* that can be a challenge. It's a definite challenge when ordering online; I've been stung many times as the image has made the frames appear larger than when they arrive. Fortunately and other online opticians share the frame details, so what I tend to do it get my measuring tape and roughly size them compared to my current pair, these were the largest frames I could find with the glasses being roughly W:50mm and H:45mm. The glasses I'm reviewing are  the Helen Round available: here. 

A couple years ago I received similar glasses; however the purple was red and the golden frames were silver and they definitely didn't suit me, and since then had thought that the half visible frame wasn't for me. However what I think it was that the silver frame was getting washed away and the lenses were as wide as these one. Basically, these are perfect and I don't need anything new for a while, okay? 

Over time I've noticed how I need to change my makeup routine following the frames I'm wearing. Either less is more or vice versa; but I genuinely believe that because of the size of these glasses that I don't need to adjust my makeup to suit these. Recently I'm either going bare faced or I'll reach for a natural look. I've been perfecting my contouring skills and fallen in love with how it shapes my face; and on a day to day basis, contouring with a heavy eyeshadow is just a tad too much. I'll either wear a strong cat flick or a little chocolate brown shadow in the crease of my eye for that definition. I've also begun to experiment with glitter recently - and this glitter eyeliner from Kiko is my best friend lately. ship from the US however shipping is international and rather low in price too but allow a couple weeks for frames to arrive. Apart from the 7-20 day wait time I've had no other trouble, my prescription is perfectly matched and although the frames are quiet light and flimsy looking they're in perfect condition and actually sturdier than they look. 

The great thing about is they're giving my readers the opportunity to get either similar frames to mine; or with the spring & summer approaching prescription sunglasses from their website with: 
50% off code using: GSHOT50. 

Since receiving so many compliments on these frames I think I need little pocket business cards to hand the details to everyone who asks, but I'm more than excited to finally share these details on my blog. What do you look for when buying new frames? Have you ordered a pair online before or are you now considering it? 

*I was gifted these glasses from in return for this review; 
however photos and thoughts are 100% my own* 

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