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There's something exciting about a 'first's' post of the year and today I'm finally sharing my first haul of 2017. I'm not your typical beauty blogger; I tend to only purchase makeup when I need some, okay some purchases are unnecessary but I tend to buy everything when I'm running out of something. I went shopping a couple weeks back because I'd ran out of concealer and I came home with all this, and obviously don't regret it. 

Every couple weeks I'll head to the local shopping centre whilst I wait for my boyfriend to finish work, it's nice to get to the shops on my own but it's also a little dangerous for my bank balance. 

This particular shopping trip I had a couple hours and just wanted to treat myself - I knew I needed the concealer and I wanted to pick up some clothing - New year new wardrobe came to mind at that point. Unfortunately I found zero clothing choices but luckily I made up for that with my new makeup choices.

I headed into Superdrug first going straight to the Collection counter for the Lasting Perfection Concealer I went for two shades; 01 and 02. The first being a lighter shade for my skin tone and perfect for under my eyes and when I'm contouring and the second being a closer shade to my skin tone and perfect for covering my blemishes. I also picked up the Extreme liner whilst I was at the counter - as always I'm trying to perfect my winged liner and half of perfecting the skill is having the correct product; so far my favourite is the Makeup Revolution Flick Thick & Thin and personally I'm finding the extreme liner a little too tough to get along with...but I'll let you know if that changes. 

It took some time but I finally got my hand on the Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette I'd gotten used to using my contour sticks over time that I've totally stopped using blush or highlight. So this set is perfect for everything, although I tend to only use the bronze/contour but I'll occassionally dabble with the highlight. I'm transitioning between my contour stick and this palette and yet to decide which I like most. If you've been reading for some time you'll know about my little love for mascara and all of my collection has begun to dry out - so I picked up this Rimmel Scanadleyes Reloaded. I've been using this for a few weeks; it's good but nothing special. 

This sounds like a miserable post and that I hate everything (I don't btw); I think I've got to a point of not being in love with makeup like I once was - so nothing excites me the way it would before. That being said, I FINALLY got my hands on the NYX Lip Lingerie. I'd been saving my Boots gift card (which I got last Christmas) for the perfect purchase and this was it. I went for nude/mauve shades and may have gone a little overboard with purchase three at once, I picked up the shades 01 HONEYMOON. 05 BEAUTY MARK. 07 SATIN RIBBON. Whilst from the images above all shades look similar, I just couldn't decided and just purchased them all but they've all become a valued part of my collection. Personally Honeymoon is my favourite; it's the perfect in between shade, a subtle nude with a strong mauve tone. Whereas Satin Ribbon is a definite nude, which almost perfectly matches my skin tone so it's like I'm wearing nothing at all and Beauty Mark is a deep brown shade. This was scream Kylie Jenner lip dupe; this darker brown shade has an amazing contrast with my bright red just takes a lot of guts to feel comfortable wearing it out in public. These are all advertised as matte lip products; they've got a longer lasting wear (longer than I've found for a while) but they aren't too drying which is perfect for me. 

Before all my shopping ended I slipped into Kiko Cosmetics and picked up the most gorgeous Glitter Eyeliner. It's a gel liner with stuble specs of colourful glitter, it's not too overpowering and is perfect to introduce glitter into my makeup looks. I created a look with this eyeliner in my latest post here. It adds just the right amount of colour & sparkle to any look, using over a black eyeliner or even any smokey look. 

After all my beauty purchases I went in search for the book everyone is talking about on my time line. Lauren Graham is a comedy goddess to all her Gilmore Girls lovers and I am one of those girls. I've wanted the show repeatedly over the years and you can guarantee I'll be watching it again soon, and by very soon I will continue with it now I've completed Grey's Anatomy. Anyway...I picked up her book Talking As Fast As I Can. I've heard so many good things about it but I'm yet to read it, so I'm packing it into my work bag and going to use my journey into and out of work and breaks productively to read this. 

In between taking photos and writing this post I've managed to go shopping once again and have filled my wardrobe with some new pieces...but I don't tend to share fashion on here - but if you're interested, let me know! What other beauty pieces do I need to try this year? Have you read the book, what are you thoughts? 


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