Sunday Summary 24: 2017 Blogging Goals.




I'd decided this year that I didn't want to make an New Years Resolutions - I never stick to them so there's really no point, but over the years I've shared with you my blogging goals for new year and well I can't stop tradition now can I? 2016 was a roller coaster of a year; and for a long time I've focused on the idea that my anxiety has held me back but truth be told, I've grown more as a person than any other year. I've been focusing my attention on sharing my worries; even if that's in floods of tears to Tom at 11pm. I've been taking little step towards easing my fear of travel; with trips to Nottingham, London & Leeds - even if they were days/weekend trips. During those moments I felt like it was a challenge and still feels that way sometimes but I can look back and realise the times that I stopped making excuses and really pushed through to what I wanted.

But that's not what today's post is about; I found my blogging goals for 2016 a few days back and I'm amazed to see how far I've come within the last 12 months...

• Reach 2,000 Followers
•  Double my daily views 
•  Get more involved with other bloggers & take the time to get to know more people. 
• Reply promptly and to every comment I receive
• Re-design and re-vamp my layout
•  Become comfortable in sharing my blog more with friends & family
• Post at least once a week

I can happily say I've reached 4.5 out of my seven goals - I'd say five but one I'm not entirely sure about one of them. Unfortunately I didn't reach 2000 followers and it's currently at a steady pace, but fingers crossed that happens soon. I think I doubled my daily views hence the .5 - my post views has definitely doubled and my interactions have increased however it's goes on such a wave that I can't quiet clarify this point. I've made exceptional effort to get to know other bloggers, attending more events and generally getting to know more people online. I've gained double the amount of twitter followers and have met up with some wonderful bloggers over the course of the year. 

I definitely failed at replying to comments, whilst I managed to response [eventually] I struggle to response to comments and I wish I had a valid excuse, I'm just really bad at responding, I'm sorry about that! And over the course of the 12 months 'See The Stars' actually under-went two redesigns I kept the structure of my blog simple with a few minor changes; focusing my attention on my pages, improving my photography quality and changing my headers too - I now have similar designs with spring/summer and autumn/winter colours. And I began posting four times a week, I'd started working on a schedule that worked for me and began my Sunday Summary series which became a popular and occasionally a ramblings post - that being said I posted at least once week and when motivation lacks at the beginning of the year that's good to see. 

2017 GOALS:

• Reach 3.5K Followers. 
• Reply promptly to each comment! 
• Increase Instagram activity
• Read and comment on more blogs. 
• Improve my photography 

And a few personal goals... 

• Only eat 3 meals and finally join the gym 
• Read more books. 
• Watch as many films as possible this year. 
• Learn to drive.

I'm going to bring my schedule over the next couple of weeks, focus my attention on my photography and improving my content. Over the years my writing has been extremely informal and personal and I think it's time I worked on structuring my writing so it's just that little more professional. I also want to try and fix my google analytics this year and pay attention to how my stats are moving, these are my current follower numbers & viewing stats:  


I'm excited to have you all on this journey and to be able to share this with you all, the one thing I love most about the new year is being able to reflect on the previous year and noticing professional and personal growth, I'm excited to share what happened over the next 12 months. 


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