Sunday Summary: Goodbye 2016.



Over on twitter I shared some of my favourite moments from 2016 and it wasn't until then I realised what a fab year I've had. There's so much - I may have gone over board with my photos so I'm going to share as much as possible but also going to let the photos tell the stories - just incase I miss something out, y'know! 

I saw the 2016 in with my best friends from work; we'd worked until 10pm and rushed to see everyone just as it turned midnight - I think this was a sign of how our year was going to go, you become extremely close with the people you work with, you spend so much time with them that it's difficult not to and this year has seen these friendships grow and grow. I shared a few works pictures throughout this post; during 2016 myself and a lad from work were given the opportunity to organise our work events: there was a minion treasure hunt, the Odeon Awards Night 2016, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, bowling, meals and even our own version of the Olympics. Although our managers arranged the others we also went on a zombie apocalypse walk, a foyer party and our Christmas party. I'll tell you now I struggled to get started with some of the events and my anxiety put that barrier up a couple times but it's amazing to see the things we've achieved and to watch work relationships grow this year - yay for team morel! 

I know I've mentioned this a couple times before but it's something definitely worth mentioning in the years catch up - myself and five other members of staff began management training, it's still a working progress and we've got more to learn but I'm so proud of myself to be seen as a member of staff worth training up. I also applied for a promotion this autumn and although I didn't get it, I'm proud of myself for putting myself forward.

I thought my anxiety stopped me doing a lot this year; I constantly turned things down and felt that I'd become a person I didn't like, I've spent nights crying over situation I've not yet experienced, I was shaking at the thought of conversations about adventures and continued to feel that unsettled feeling when I was pushed into certain situations. Truth be told I've become a shell of my former self and with the help of the most understanding boyfriend, I'm bringing myself back. Realistically I've struggled and the things I knew I couldn't cope with I turned down but pursued the things that would be worth it in the long run.

My two best friends from work surprised me with tickets to Disney on Ice for my birthday this year and I can't begin to describe how incredible it was, just a few days beforehand the three of us went to London to do some sightseeing. Throughout the year we've  kept up the excitement and adventures - including pamper days and movie nights, trips to Go Ape and even to the Harry Potter studio tours , I can't wait to see what we get up to next year. The two have constantly stuck by me this year even when I've been a shit friend and I can't thank them enough for that! 

My best friend got married this year! Her hen weekend was in Nottingham and the nine of us celebrated in true hen weekend style. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, beginning the weekend with a movie and games night with gorgeous food, we also went to Go Ape, went for food and celebrated with an unintentional club crawl, starting in a underground bar with amazing cocktails and ending the night in a gay bar. A couple weeks later was the big day, with an early start we got our hair done and I did everyone's makeup (which let me tell you was nerve-wrecking). I've never had a friend get married, let alone be a bridesmaid so this day was a magical day for Charlotte & Tom but I'm still so happy I was apart of it. We all got a little too drunk, danced and took plenty of photos - me and Charlotte also managed to have our best friend moment and cried together in the bathroom, I mean of course we would! 

I headed to Bristol with my friend Emma a couple months back and we saw You Me At Six a the Bristol O2 arena, it was the third time I've been to their gigs and it was just as wonderful as the first time, I have so much love for those boys! This year I made it also a mission of mine to see more shows on stage, I've never seen anything in the Theater and this year I treated my mom to the New Alexandra Theater in Birmingham for The Rocky Horror Show and just a couple weeks back me, my mom and my nan watched Chicago at the same theater...I can't wait to see more shows in the new year! Any recommendations, let me know! 

Me and Tom celebrated our fourth anniversary on 29th technically it was our first anniversary! We went for a meal & had a game of bowling before I left for work, it was a simple day but it was perfect and I don't think I would've got through this year without him. We both took a trip to London during the summer as I won tickets to the Suicide Squad premiere...if you've seen the blog post you may remember my excitement. Watching the film on the release day, walking along the pink carpet and seeing the celebrities on stage before watching the film was one of the top experiences of 2016. 

This year has been the year of my blog - See The Stars soared this year!  Not only has my audience grew (thank you btw) but also my confidence for blogging, I've become so open about my blog, I've gained so much from this corner of the internet over the years but it wasn't until this year I've truly felt that. 

Not only that but I've also got to travel with my blog this year - I've got to know Katrina & Becky, we met over cocktails in Birmingham in the summer and since then have headed to London to see the Lush Creative Showcase. I met up with Sam and Sam this year too, we heading into Birmingham for a sunday shopping trip and a quick Nando's before I had to leave for work. Was actually lovely to meet Sam for the first time and to catch up with Sam! I've also traveled to Leeds this year with Gweni, Beth & Steph this year for the Bloggers Blog Awards and it was hilarious, so much fun, a little alcohol and getting to meet even more amazing bloggers! 

I'm honestly so excited to up my game for 2017 and see what I can share with you! 


Ah the festive period, my favourite! This year was a little disappointing for me personally, I've felt like scrooge since December 1st. I did everything to make me feel excited for Christmas and nothing really worked. Myself, Sam & Laura went to the Harry Potter Studios and experiences Hogwarts in the Snow, which was magical. I blasted Christmas tunes and decorated our family tree, my boyfriends and even made my Granddad's room all christmassy, whilst it was all good fun it just didn't feel how it has perviously.  
I had all my annual Christmas dinners, one with Sam & Laura. Takeaway and Movie night with my closest friend Keeley & our dance school headed for a Christmas meal & a few too many drinks. We had our work's Christmas party, we watched Star Wars on Christmas Eve for Sean's (my brother) birthday and before I knew it, it was Christmas day! I was spoilt rotten by everyone and that post will be with you soon! 

Hope you all had a fab 2016 and have an even better 2017 - thanks for being on this journey with me!


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