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I feel so nervous to be typing again, I've had yet another blogging breakdown and I guess it's time to get back to it, 2017 will be another great year for my blog...

Christmas has been and gone and we're now into the New Year (happy 2017 everyone!). I went back to work on December 27th and didn't have a day off until the first week of January - so let's just say I'm already over Christmas and it almost feels as if it never happened. That being said I was well and truly spoilt this year and I know you're all as nosey as I am and this is the perfect post for y'all.

You know the drill - if you don't like these posts I'm sorry! But for those who love these...I have a lotta photos to share with you, so let's dive right in, it's a long one!  

My anxiety has taken a turn this year where I was more nervous and prone to feeling more panicked than usual, but this year I excelled when it came to sharing my blog - friends and family know more about my blog than I ever thought they would and I've never been so proud of myself for feeling comfortable enough to share it! 

That being said, this year friends and family considered things to help improve and perfect my blog. My friend Laura bought me plenty of wonderful things (including a stunning wreath pandora ring), but she gave me this stunning wire frame/board and stated that it would be perfect for my blog photos and girl, you're right! Our friends Sam also gave me this 'S' copper light - which by the way I'm obsessed with and will feature heavily in future blog posts. 

My boyfriend got me the light box which is already set up with my blog name and has taken pride of place above my desk! I don't think he realises how it'll be used for my blog but he knew I'd love it anyway. My parents also got me this amazing studio light it's a much smaller one than most people talk about but it's perfect for me, it doesn't take up much room and I've already got a tripod to set it up with...I haven't had the chance to properly use it for myself yet - but it's been perfect for my brother as he's currently starting up a Youtube channel. 

Something I love treating myself to and receiving as gifts are bath and body products and hadn't asked for much this year but I'd thrown a couple subtle hints and Tom got me the gift I wanted most - I love fruity scents and recently I've been gravitating towards the apple scents and this body shop spiced apple gift set is exactly what I was after. It smells gorgeous and I can't wait to use everything. I've never been one for shopping in the Body Shop; but this year I've already got a list as long as my arm of products to test out - keep an eye out for future reviews! 

My Aunt and Uncle bought me the beautiful Thomas Kinkade The Dreams Calendar. Over the years I've been after one of these beauties and 2017 was the year I could finally have the art work on my walls...I've flicked through at some months artwork but purposely missed a couple sort of as a surprise for myself on the 1st of each month! They kept with the Disney theme and also got me The Disney Book it's filled with stories behind the stories, the films and creations and Walt Disney himself. I need to read through this properly but it's an amazing book! 

Throughout 2015 I filled our a Project Life album and never got round to starting my 2016 album - so this year is the year of catching up. My parents got me this beautiful 8x8 Project Life Album which I plan to fill with photos from 2016 and go back up to the 12x12 sized album for 2017. I've always enjoyed documenting my life and PL is an easy way to do that...I just struggle to find time to print out and design pages! 

I'm never usually one to receive food over Christmas and filled up our cupboard with extra sweet things because of that and this year I received so much food! My brother and his girlfriend took a mini break to London the week before Christmas and both treated me to some tasty limited edition treats. Firstly Sammy bought me the Skinny Dip NOT 4 U iPhone Case, which coincidently suits the present I'll talk about later...and she also got me a tub of Cheetos something I rave about when were on holidays and wish were more accessible in the UK stores. Sean also got me the limited edition Red Velvet Oreos. I'm yet to open the packet as I know once I open them...they'll be none left so I'm holding out for just a little while longer. 

Ah now did you notice the big tub of Nutella? Come on, you couldn't miss it! Being the best boyfriend he is, Tom got me a 3kg Nutella Tub...amazing! This was the gift he was most excited for me to open and I can see why. Anyone who knows me know how much I love Nutella and Tom got it right with this. I've pretty much had nutella on toast for breakfast since Christmas, I want to make Nutella cookies and I've been craving milkshakes ever since. It's food items like this that are making me gain weight. So theres a slight downfall to amazing presents like this, oh man. 

I'd added a couple of fragrances onto my wish-list this Christmas and truth be told I'm so glad I got quite the collection as I'd ran out a couple days before. Since 2013, Marc Jacobs has been my go-to fragrance, the sweet, floral and fruity scents just get me every time so you can imagine my excitement when my brother got me Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. Coincidentally a perfume that's been on my list since before me finding Marc was the Calvin Klein's Euphoria and this year I finally got my hands on it (cheers Tom). There's a couple contrast in scents between but still both as sweet as each other and you'll know that's the selling point. To me Euphoria has a lasting wear time in comparison to Daisy Dream.  I think Tom got me Versage Blue Jeans as a joke, because for the five years we've been together this has been a personal favourite of mine and some times I'd steal his for myself and now I've got my own bottle. I've used this more than the other since Christmas Day - the scent is one of my favourites and I have a constant remind of Tom when wearing this. 

I left heavy hints over the last couple of weeks that I needed a new watch and ended up with two - which most people would probably stress over but this is perfect! Laura got me the floral faced watched, with it's rubber strap and gold detailing this is perfect for my everyday use and it's perfect for work too. Tom got me the most stunning rose gold Sekonda watch with diamante detailing which will be perfect to wear on days off and special occasions. Although it's currently too big so I need to go get those links taken out. 

Sam treated me with some Alice in Wonderland beauty and bath bits and I'm actually in love. I got this adorable palette with six eyeshadows and a highlight - I'd stopped highlighting so much last year so I definitely want to give it a go this year and this golden shimmer shade looks like it'll be perfect for me! The eyeshadow shades have some beautiful golden shimmers to match the highlight with some gorgeous neutral colours. Along with the palette she also got me some bath fizzers from the same brand! The box has three heart shaped bath fizzers; which have a sweet and floral scent, I can't wait to use them! 

My oldest friend Keeley got me some beautiful things, some chocolates, a plaque with the statement 'friends like us make the world sparkle. I love little bits like that and coincidentally almost bought her a similar plaque. She also got me some bath fizzers - the adorable penguin shaped ones, although I think those will be a little more difficult to use because, penguins! Keeley also got me some Baylis & Harding limited edition body wash which has a very sugary sweet scent - it reminds me of marzipan, I think! 

Tom just keeps surprising me with wonderful gifts and got me the Spectrum Marbleous Collection they're gorgeous, aren't they! Although I'm yet to use them as I'm actually petrified of ruining them, I might take some photographs with them for a potential blog post before getting stuck in. I didn't photograph everything in the end, but he also treated me to a Selfie lens for my polaroid.  And a Stich and an Ariel Pop! Vinyl. I'd popped them on my bookcase with my very small collection and forgot to include them in my photographs.  

A few things I forgot to mention - the endless pyjama sets I was treated too, a gorgeous pandora charm to remind me of our family dog we lost last year, Sean got me the beautifully multicoloured portable charger and some Yankee Candle wax melts. I also did a Secret santa with some blogging friends and will be sharing my goodies with you next week.

It's never until you have to think about what you were given for Christmas that you realise how spoilt you were and I can't thank my friends and family enough - I love them all so so much. 

What was your favourite gift this year? 


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