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Well, this feels a little bit weird. 

It seems I've taken an unexpected blogging break recently; behind the scenes I've been trying to get content together and to continue my blogging but in reality I've really been struggling. Whether it's been general lacklustre for my blog or it's been due to my work and social life clashing. I thought I'd bring myself back with a much loved post - my current favourites. 

I'd call this my February favourites - but I'm trying to include my January favourites within this too..

I've discovered numerous new beauty products this month, to be honest it's been nice to bring back my love for my makeup collection by adding new pieces into it. If you read my what I got for Christmas you'll have seen the Spectrum brushes collection in all their glory, this definitely felt like one of those #boydidgood moments - Tom usually refuses to buy me beauty products so I was shocked to find these on Christmas Day. They came as a 12 piece collection and truthfully I only used a couple throughout January as I didn't want to ruin the perfectness! I'm not too sure if this really counts as a 'beauty favourite' as such but he also bought me the Versace Blue Jeans. Whilst I know it's quiet a popular after shave for most men, it's one of my to stop me from stealing his, I now have my own bottle. 

The next couple of products I spoke about in my Mini January Haul; I picked up the Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Golden Bronze 003 and it's still a mix up between this and the Collection Contour Stick. With them being different formulas it's quiet refreshing to my makeup routine to switch between the two. I also picked up a collection of the NYX Lip Lingerie in the shades, 01, 05 & 07! I'm sure I've already mentioned how much I love the formula of the products and how I'm slightly in love with each shade - Satin Ribbon (07) has to be my favourite for it's subtle nude shade; however Honeymoon (01) and Beauty Mark (05) were worn plenty of times throughout January; I'd experimented with these shades as I tend not to wear dark brown/mauve shades - but these are truly amazing. 

If you read my Monthly Movies for January you'll have seen my challenge for 2017; watching as many films as possible each month. So far February isn't as successful as January as I'm struggling to sit through a full film. I've been trying to mix the movie watching with new finds as well as old favourites, I watched my all time favourite She's The Man last week and it was wonderful! 

I've continued watching Grey's Anatomy this year, it's officially made it's place into my favourite TV series top 5 list! I completed series 1-13 from October to January and was completely heartbroken when I was up to date; having to wait each week for one new episode is killing me, so much so that I've begun re-watching the series all over again. Yesterday I picked up the first few seasons of Glee to begin watching, so I'm excited to dive into the cheese, musical loving fest that is my guilty pleasure! 

I don't think there's much else to talk about with my favourites. I joined the gym at the beginning of February after feeling very sluggish and miserable about my body, I've been at least once a week since I've started and it's actually great to get back into training. I need a hand to hold at the moment but with both my boyfriend and my brother being personal trainers I'm getting the help - I'm working on an excited project on my blog and Tom's fitness page Power Powell Fitness so if you're looking for some fitness inspiration, I'm hoping to help soon! 

I've decided to take it slow with my blogging recently, I've been struggling to stay motivated or positive about the direction I'm taking it, but I'm hoping to bring the motivation back soon - slowly but surely xxxxxx 


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