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I've always had a thing for interior design, it intrigues me and my creative juices flow at the idea of decorating. Typically this post made me question how close I am to becoming a home owner, and the truth is as much as I'd love to take a trip to Ikea and decorate a 2 bedroom house (which FYI would be a dream) I'm far from ready but that's okay. Josh moved in with us recently and it's been lovely having the time together but I'm ready for the next step. And with the majority of people in my life/ on my timeline buying or renting a place with their partner, that causes me to feel like I'm a step behind and question what's wrong, why haven't we done that yet?
But the truth is, it's okay, it's okay that we haven't taken that step yet, it doesn't make our relationship anything less and that's something I need to remind myself. Whilst our current situation means we've got to work harder to achieve a dream, it's okay, we'll get there eventually, I think. 

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The truth is, I like my home comforts and in a weird way I like our routine. I always dreamt of escaping home and living away when I was younger, but now I wonder why I was in such a rush? I'll put my hands up and admit I missed a huge opportunity of moving away when I was at university, living at home completely switched my experience; which in fact concluded to very mixed thoughts and some day I think I'd want to share that on here. 

Realistically I felt pushed into going to further education and felt held back at the thought of moving out; whilst right now I'm happy being at home, I do wish I'd had a few years learning to stand on my own two feet and being given that initial chance. But for now, I like not paying all the bills, having my washing done for me and being able to split the housework with my parents. We're both currently saving but there's no specific plan in place, it's almost an unspoken agreement that it's slowly going towards a mortgage...well to me it is and I'm quite the spender so it might be good that I'm starting now.

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I'll spend hours on Pinterest pinning and gaining ideas for future room designs: I'm typically drawn to white walls, monochromatic surroundings with an obvious splash of colour. Whilst Pinterest images are extremely unrealistic for price range and well UK home designs in general, I just can't resist looking, those tall walls, open spaces and well I want these images to be my world. I love minimalistic with a hint of rustic and modern, think faux fur rugs, wooden floor, a cute coffee table,  hundred of cushions and prints, lots and lots of prints. I've got my heart set on finding the perfect corner sofa, I've already started looking around and if I'm not careful I'll have ordered furniture for a house I don't even own yet...! Having white walls and minimal furniture gives the room that open and crisp space; whereas the cushions, prints and even plants would give it that homely feel - a room like this would also be covered in fairy lights, because let's be honest they're comforting and cosy all year round.

When thinking about moving out, I think about finding a home that is completely comforting to me and my safe place. I'd want a space with enough space for book shelves and maybe even a reading nook, unique areas or design of a house is something I'm intrigued by, if it's too similar too all the other house - I ain't interested.

What would be inside your dream home? 


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