24th Birthday Wishlist.


Studded Pastel Purse // Jumper w/ Frills // Matte N Metal Stila Palette 
Floral Water Bottle // Leaf Print Tote Bag // Floral Panel Gym Leggings 

The countdown begins now; as I'm writing this it's less than two weeks until my birthday & if you know me well, my birthday really makes me happy! At first there was panic because it also means it's two weeks until Tom's birthday, each year we write each other lists and this year we've both handed over the smallest lists we've ever written. So whilst I'm panicking to find gifts for my boyfriend I thought I'd created a helpful Wishlist to inspire myself and to send over to him with some 'subtle' hints. 

We're both awkward as hell when it comes to what we like; so we're both pain in the arses to buy for but luckily its' been five years now and we do fine without said lists - we just like to know whether we have something in particular we'd like to have. 

I think I'm struggling to find gifts this year because it's easier for me to purchase things for myself. So throughout March I try and hold off from treating myself (but that fails miserably each year). I've not shared this information yet (an exciting post is coming soon fyi) but I've started going to the gym, so I've got a few cute gym pieces on my list, gym trousers, water bottle, gym bag and even some new trainers. I've been wearing old pieces and really old trainers that I think some new pieces would be perfect and new clothes are exciting - even when they're gym wear. 

Something that's been on my list for a while are these boots - I own a pair of Dr. Martens, they're a floral pair and I love them so. But I've had my heart set on a pair of plain black Docs for a while, I'm just dreading the pain I'll encounter when having the break them in. At £105 these are quiet pricey, so I might treat myself to these after payday as a happy birthday to me, from me. You'll also be aware of my recent love for Grey's Anatomy, I think I've begged and pleaded with everyone for the full DVD box set, but I was looking through Etsy and they're so many amazing creators that can turn some of my TV favourites into adorable gifts - like this Derek Shepherd quote, oh that man. Oh and have you seen the Gilmore Girls pin below? Even though others hate it, I'm a self-confessed Logan fan and I love the In Omnia Paratus episode. Keeping in theme with cute gift ideas, I'm sure you've all spotted these mugs about and I've always had my heart set on getting one with my initial! 

Quite surprisingly I'm only after a couple beauty things this time round - you might be aware of my up and down love for my makeup and beauty in general and I'm currently out of love. Nothing really excites me with my makeup but I'd LOVE to get my hands on the Stila Matte N Metal palette it's filled with so many amazing colours which I love using daily. I never really trust people buying me clothes as I'm mainly worried that it's the incorrect size and I find it quiet embarrassing to tell them I need a size up or down - but there's so many great fashion pieces online lately that I just want it all. 

I'm particularly in love with the jumper with frills and the peplum t-shirt, so much so I might order these for myself after my birthday. When it comes to clothes I'm a fan of these begin simple, everything in my wardrobe lately is either striped or black but whats surprising is I like colour, bright and bold colours - and I really like floral patterns; just look at those Sketchers, flowers, flamingos and so many pretty colours.

And there you have it! Of course I'll be back with the usually 'What I Got For My Birthday' type posts in the next couple weeks. But for now it's time to consider my plans for my birthday as my original plans have unfortunately fallen through. 


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