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There's something special about the first order with a new brand and whilst this company is slowly becoming more accessible for us UK makeup lovers, honestly it was a nerve-wracking experience to order something from the States. It was quiet overwhelming when I first opened with website - what would I choose? How much would I spent? What if I didn't like something? Would it be a waste of money...? 

I had quite the experience with Colour Pop in this last month and I've been desperate to share my thoughts and experience with you today...I'll be honest it ain't all good - but without spoiling it too much, has been well worth it for the products - YAS!? 

My biggest issue with this order was the shipping costs, shipping time and unfortunately some of the products arrived damaged. This may have been due to the way I did my order; SO I don't want to put the blame entirely on Colour Pop themselves, actually I'm not blaming anyone - it was mainly frustration. After following her blog and following her love for Colour Pop I put all my trust into Emmy's Beauty Cave and followed her process for making my order. When Emmy originally started ordering through CP they didn't offer international shipping; however she's since used both shipping technics, and I took her advice with it being cheaper to ship my products through a third party company. 

Emmy's posts do explain this much much better but heres my  experience/overview: 
Before making my Colour Pop order I signed up to My Mall Box and was given a U.S  Warehouse Address, when making my order inputting this address and getting free US shipping (which saves some dollar). Within a couple of days my CP order is with My Mall Box...I then paid them $21 for tracked shipping through USPS. And within a couple weeks - my product is at my local Royal Mail sorting office...where I needed to pay for customs before receiving my products. 

Unfortunately once my product was with My Mall Box and/or USPS is  when I think things went wrong. I paid an extra $5 for tracked shipping and it certainly paid off; I was aware that it would take some time for my product to arrive but I didn't think it would take three weeks. Being a totally impatient person I kept checking the website and found that the parcel has arrived in LDN within 7 days and then had travelled to Germany & Italy. Maybe it was an overreaction but I'd spend $50 on my order and $20 on my technically I was in my right mind to stress. Thankfully it was all resolved and my product took a full turn and arrived just under a month after my original order. 

As I've already mentioned, it was quiet overwhelming when I originally opened the site; I had an idea of products I wanted to try, but had no idea especially when it came to picking colours etc. In the end I opted for six liquid lip products and four eyeshadow pans. 

You can see the damaged pans in the pictures above; but fortunately I've been able to fix them in a way they're still usable. 

I was really surprised with the eyeshadows, they've got a soft and creamy texture which is perfect for application, obviously I've only swatched these so far so I'm not sure how they work when blended with other colours, etc. But we've got plenty of opportunity for reviews now!  

DRIFT (top left): I've always been a fan of red shades, from my hair style to my makeup. I own a makeup revolution flawless palette which has two beautiful red shades which I'm constantly using; and when I spotted this shade I knew it was something I needed. It's quiet a deep red shade, which when swatches looks quite muted and needs to be built up for a good pigment payoff. 

WEENIE (top right): Realistically this was an impulse purchase, but might actually be my favourite of the shades I picked up! Out of the four this orange/copper shadow has the strongest pigment and doesn't require much product for the payoff, it reminds me of the foil eyeshadows. 

GLITTERATI (bottom left): Glitterati was the product I was most excited yet most disappointed by - I think as it arrived broken automatically spoilt this for me. This eyeshadow is an almost white colour with silver glitter; pigment of this is quiet minimal and would take a lot of work to use on its own...I'm going to test whether this would work over another colour - I'll report back! 

FRISKIE (bottom right): Similar to Drift, I was expecting a lot more definition from this product. I know most black shadow's aren't highly pigmented and wouldn't be the perfect shade but I was hoping. This is quiet a dusty shade and almost seems grey to me, but it's got some gorgeous glitter specs within and I love that! I'm hoping that I can build this up enough and create a glittery black shadow look with a black lip using the Friday liquid lipstick.

The lipsticks were top of my list to try, I'd potentially order the whole range if I could afford it but I think ordering six will suffice for now. 

BEEPER: As you can see I picked up a number of nude shades, with my love for bright hair I find nudes to compliment that. I've been trying to find darker shades and Beeper is perfect for that. It's quiet a dark nude with a mauve undertone which personally makes this one my go-to shade, I love it! 

TRAP: From the tube this looks like a light nude shade; however when applied it's a much more deep pink, with almost subtle purple tones. I do love this shade and do reach for this more than I realised but with my pale skin I don't think they compliment each other too well. 

DOPEY: My final nude of my haul is another pink toned colour, thinking back - none are very nude at all! But again another gorgeous colour! Out of the three I think this is my least worn, so that needs to change! Personally I think Dopey is a mix of the Beeper & Trap shades. 

J.I.C: I've seen metallic lipsticks floating around but never really took much interest... I probably wouldn't wear them so was there much point? But when searching the website I fell in love with this shade, the best words to describe this: rose gold for the lips.  

FRIDAY: This was a daring purchase and it's still taking some time to find a way of wearing this. I've got an idea for a makeup look to share on the blog; but I think that's as far as I can go with it. I love the dark lips and going for a Matte Black is as dark as I can go, the goth girl in my love this! 

LAX: I've always loved a red lip and no matter my hair colour it always works, I've always worried that it doesn't work well with my red hair. But I adore this combination, LAX is a deep tones red lip which isn't too overpowering, so with a subtle eye looks perfect, even for an everyday!

I wrote this post at the end of February and I've had the products waiting for me since, it's almost as though I can't bare to open up the boxes and use everything, but let me tell you the times I've used the products, I'm in love! The eyeshadow's need building up but look wonderful when you do and I've been switching between the three nude lipsticks almost every time I've worn lipstick in the last month.

Have you ordered from Colour Pop yet? What's your favourite products?

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