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Hello! Welcome back,

I'm not 100% sure when this post will go live; but as I'm writing this things are kicking off in the blogging world. Instagram bots are being exposed and bloggers are falling out left, right and centre. I'm currently hiding in the background waiting for it all to blow over...

What I'm finding most difficult about this current blogger fall-out is it's timing, and as self-centred as this may sound, I'm currently working my way back into the blogging world, blogger drama is making that comeback all the more difficulty and I'm already struggling with my motivation; whilst I'm not ready to pack it all in and delete See The Stars - which unfortunately I've considered doing and ever more so recently. Personally I'm trying to work past it, I'm trying to ignore the negative within the community and focus on the positive and that's when I was inspired for this post.

Particularly when I'm struggling I look for motivation and comfort in other online creators. Whether it's their images, words and videos it always reignites some of my love for blogging - It's never as easy as jumping right back into things and some times takes a little longer than others, but like Sainsbury's say - every little helps? Right? (wow how cheesy Sarah...)

Today I'm sharing with you SIX of my favourite online creators. Two blogs, two Instagram pages and two youtubers; whilst each of these creators actually have all three platforms amongst other platforms (all of which I find amazing) - I'm sharing their particular sites and pages that I find most inspirational to me. Each of these girls amaze me within this community, their passion for their online creations and how each of them work their arses off everyday, so go girls I love ya!


If I think back further enough blogging wasn't my first platform online; at 13 I'd make websites and I loved being that creativity but this blog has been the first platform I've continued to work at and even I'm shocked about that. Writing my own blog is something that I love doing - especially when 100% motivated; but if I'm being a totally honest person, keeping up to date with reading other blogs is something I find quite difficult. I work shifts and awkward AF ones at that, so as you can imagine I find it quite difficult and almost time consuming to write my own blog, let alone reading blogs everyday, 

Honestly, this blog is to die for. The blog design, photography and Sarah's style of writing, something about this site encourages me to visit time and time again. The Scarlet State is filled with creative content; all extremely unique and leaves me filled with envy every-time I visit. One of my favourite things about Sarah's content is her artwork, if you don't know Sarah is currently offering commissioned work and BLOG HEADERS seem to be particularly popular right now. You won't be disappointed when you check out Sarah's blog - HERE

Emmie inspires me in more way than one and not all of it being blogging related. Emmie just inspires me on a whole, I've never witnessed a more enthusiastic person than this girl. She's constantly working on her content and it always pays off - I have all the faith that Carpe Diem Emmie will be one to watch out for over the years, especially if you're a fan of food, books, movies, theatre, oh and travel. Being introduced to Emmie's blog has introduced me into a whole new interest for me, I now blog more about the films that have been a huge part of my life and I've been to the Theatre more times than ever before - honestly, thank you for encouraging me Emmie! Check out Emmie's Culture & Lifestyle blog - HERE


Just like Twitter, Instagram has a huge impact within the blogger community just on a wider scale, y'know? To me, using Twitter I'm using within the community and talking within a 'blogging niche' whereas sharing images on Instagram is somewhat expanded. I could scroll through my Insta feed for hours and this is the place where I found the excitement to improve me photography skills, it introduced me to the blogging cliche of 'everything white, marble etc, etc'. Ironically I'm sharing with you two of my favourite feeds who don't stick to that but how AMAZING feeds. 

Have you ever just been 100% envious of a person? Well I certainly have and that's with Emily. She's gorgeous, has *on point* fashion and she pulls off any hair colour (even though I know she was originally scared to try new colours). Not only her Instagram feed but her blog mades me envious too; and as much as I hate use the word - her photography is 'on point'. I'm really determined to visit more places this year and I'd love to coincide a trip to LDN town to catch up over afternoon tea and to learn a thing or two from this beauty. Make sure to follow Emily - HERE. 

To say I instantly fell in love with Bethany and her feed again, is an understatement. Not only is Beth the sweetest, kind-hearted person you'll ever meet she's also f*cking beautiful and her makeup skills are honestly amazing. Just check out her feed and you'll understand why. Bethany using her Instagram (& Twitter) as a platform to share her creativity daily but she also creates series over the months; Halloween, Christmas & Valentines days are her most notable. You know I fall in and out of love regularly but Beth's feed just bring it all back, her creativity astounds me! Make sure to follow her - HERE.


I've been following and watchingYoutube since I don't know, 2007? Maybe. Back then I was in love with watching channels like Kandee Johnson & Bubzbeauty, iJustine and others - I'm still in love with these youtubers btw. I think the outbreak of bloggers come youtubers in 2013 was the time when I truly began to appreciate this platform and my love for vlogs and youtube has continued to grow since then. 

I found Helen about two(?) years ago and I've been hooked since. Again finding her blog first and later discovering her youtube channel, my favourite thing about Helen is how different she is to other bloggers and she isn't scared to show it, she's got this amazing passion for her online content and continually creates unique content and when blogging can all look a little 'same' from time to time, this is refreshing. Most evenings I'll climb into bed and catch up on Helen's vlogs and always take the time to catch up on her main channel vids, keep at it Helen, you so inspiring!? Be sure to subscribe to Helen's channel - HERE

Do you remember your first blogger that truly inspired you? Like I said above, I've been watching youtube for years before I knew blogging was a thing but the reason I'm so in love with Lily's vlogs is thanks to her blog. I must've found her blog when I first started mine in 2013 and it's continued to inspire me since - even when it's been months between her posts she still inspired me. Lily's fashion and beauty knowledge has taught me so much, her attitude encourages me and her style for main channel and weekly vlogs also inspire me to turn the camera on and film one day. Subscribe to Lily Melrose - HERE

My lists could go on and on, I have so many people who continue to inspire me - especially within this community! Whether it's your photography, videography or your words, whenever I'm in a slump this community keeps me going. Thanks for waiting for me whilst I'm bringing my blog back, I hope to see you more frequently soon enough. 

Who's your favourite online content creator? And if you remember, who was the first person you followed/subscribed to? 


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