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I'm ashamed to admit how long it's been since my last beauty update, hell it's quiet embarrassing to think how long it's been since I had a regular schedule over here - but no fear I'm getting back into it and fingers crossed I'll be back stronger than ever.

So I'm sharing with you today a brand new beauty post, I thought as it's been a while I'd sort out my stash and share with you the pieces I want to test out this year. It's time I stopped favouritising my 'favourites' and branch out my collection. One of the most difficult parts of being a beauty blogger is my unnecessary need to purchase products, when realistically they gather dust in my drawers. 

Typically when I purchase a new product I'm quick to rip into the packaging and test out the products - but unfortunately lately I'm receiving pieces or after making an impromptu purchase they get packed away. I'm currently in one of those clearing my body and mind states - which also means focusing on tidying up the things around me, this being said, I'm focusing on my beauty - a huge part of my life. 

It's time to sort out the pieces I love, the pieces I hate and of course the pieces I'm still waiting to open. What I'm most shocked about are products I was originally excited to use after I purchased, yeah I'm looking at you COLOUR POP EYESHADOWS I think after my difficulty retrieving these I've lost the excitement for them, however I've had my eye set on finding a way to wear FRIDAY in public, a thick black matte lipstick which excites my inner goth. Out of the six I purchased (you can read my haul, here) this is my most daring and I'm desperate to create a gothic look with this, so keep an eye out for that. From the same CP haul, I've had the eyeshadow pots which I'm using but only occasionally, the copper shade WEENIE is actually my favourite of the shades I ordered and I think would look amazing blended with colour shades or used alone, similar to that is the DRIFT - these shades are typical colours I use so I'm trying to understand why I've not already reached pan. 

Similar to the Colour Pop haul, I purchased some TOO FACED 24 EYELINER easily a couple weeks back and I'm so disappointed that I've not used them yet. I purchased them in three colours - black, white & purple. I picked them up from TK MAXX at around £4.99 each (?) they're quite thick kohl pencils and they don't budge. I love the colours and I've been after a white liner for a while so again I'm questioning why I've left it SO long. 

You may have read one of my recent posts where I talk about my new haircare routine and the products I've been using to keep my red hair in good condition (here), theres so many hair products that I can get lost in whats best for me. Luckily I've been using less chemical products and heat so my hair is naturally feeling healthier but the BALMAIN ARGAN MOISTURISING ELIXIR* will help soothe and soften my hair and will improve any damage. When it comes to my hair routine - if you read THIS post you'll already be aware of my lazy attitude; so you can imagine my excitement to receive this WET PRO-BRUSH* which BTW has been a life saver - it's given me the urge to brush my hair more often and especially after washing it; which was a thing I rarely did before. It works away all the knots and tangles whilst I'm drying my hair and it's as though I've finally discovered styling my hair. 

Back in 2013 when I first found the blogging community; I remember the expression 'shopping my stash' and for quite some time couldn't grasp what that initially meant but it's quite literally it! Myself and Tom have recently begun saving; for holidays, for the future - we've got plans. Which means holding back on the odd treat here and there, which means no more beauty treats for me.

I've also slowly begun clearing out my wardrobe and beauty drawers - so I'm going to focus on rediscovering my old favourites and other products which are quite literally just gathering dust. Maybe I'll be sharing an updated post to this in a couple months; maybe I'll have caved and spend too much money on makeup that I convinced myself was 'essential'. 


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