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HI! HELLO! This feels weird. 

One of the most difficult things to do when coming back from a blogging break is that opening sentence...should I dive back into the blogospshere and pretend this never happened or come up with an abundance of excuses. Although I'm pretty sure you're all sick of my excuses by now, maybe I am back? Maybe this is a one off - I've stopped stressing myself out when it comes to my blog, enjoy it whilst I can and post whenever I'm inspired, I'd love to say it's working and I've got ideas up to my ears but I'm a stuck record with no motivation - SEND HELP PLZ. 

With all that being said, this had led to thinking about my beauty blogging and recent beauty breaks, I've become bored and tired of my routine, I stick to what I like and I've not broken away from that for a while and instead of worrying that it's a bad thing, instead of stressing that it's time to switch things up - I'm going to celebrate it, be proud of my looks and from time to time I've been going makeup free, baring my pale face for all to see and again I'm proud of myself for doing that too! 

I've found products that compliment me, I've repurchased said products several times over the years and continuously sharing these products on my blog - so if you've been around for while you won't be surprised by my everyday choices. 


I always start things off with a my eyes - my brows first with my MUA BROW KIT and then moving onto my eyes; Depending on time/mood/energy all depends on how I create my makeup look, I  actually switch between three separate palettes/single shades - all of which are brown btw. I'll go into the outer corner of my eye and blend the colours into the crease of my eyes, typically I'll use the KIKO 212 or the CHOCOLATE SHADE from the MAKEUP REVOLUTION FLAWLESS PALETTE and depending on how adventurous I'm feeling I'll work the deeper shimmer shade from the MODELS OWN DUO PALETTE.  AND if I'm feeling even more adventurous I'll attempt some winged liner, before completing this with my KIKO VOLUMEYES PLUS ACTIVE MASCARA. 

I'll then work on my based, first with PRIMER but unfortunately mine ran out a couple weeks back and I've just been a little too lazy to pick anything up - but please send recommendations as I was using that one for a while. My current foundation of choice is the MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN LIQUID which I've repurchased several times now, it gives quite medium coverage and isn't what I'd describe as 'long-lasting' but it does the trick. Again switching between two products I'll add some definition to my cheeks with an attempt at 'contouring'; using either my RIMMEL KATE MOSS SCULPTING PALETTE or the COLLECTION CONTOUR STICK - personally my favourite of the two is the contour stick as I'm able to be more precise but I'm learning, or trying at least. 

I'll finish everything off with COLLECTION PRESSED POWDER before choosing a lip shade. I'll be brutally honest and tell you now that it's rare that I choose/wear a lip colour - but as of recently the time when I do choose it's usually between my COLOUR POP BEEPER or NYX 07. SATIN RIBBON. 


My lack of effort with my routine hasn't just stopped with my beauty; it's also slowed down when it comes to my hair. With the help of my favourite hairdresser (Hi, Rachel) we're working towards my hair becoming something similar to Luanna, whilst I adore my hair colour etc I just can't quiet find the excitement to do something creative right now. Throwing my hair into a bun is my go-to choice as of late, even putting a brush through it can be difficult from time to time, maybe this has nothing to do with motivation/creativity/etc, I'm just LAZY, okay?  

There's four things that get my through my hair routine; yeah, that's excluding all the hair bands and bobby pins. The VO5 NOURISH MY SHINE HEAT PROTECT is my product of choice before using any heat products and I'll typically use Batiste Dry Shampoo to give my hair added texture or to hide those greasy days, I'm currently using the BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO COCONUT & EXOTIC TROPICAL.  I've been relying on my Tangle Teezer for the last couple of years; and recently received this amazing Marble print PERSONALISED TANGLE TEEZER*. Fortunately this ones compact sized, so fits perfectly into my makeup bag and has become a fond favourite to take in my gym bag - everything counts for gym motivation, right? 

The thing I love the most about this Tangle Teezer, is that I was able to choose any design I wanted! I almost went for a Disney print but between my own photography from my Disneyland Paris trip and the amazing art work online, I just couldn't decide. So I went with something blogger-esque and keeping it real with the marble. 


I know I said I'm proud; truth is I'm proud of myself for not being worried about how I look. I'm proud that I can wake up one morning and can walk out the house w/ my bare face or just with minimal effort, I shouldn't stress about what other people think of me and I'm going to continue rocking that - but that doesn't stop me from wanting to change the effort I put into things. 

Beauty application is like an art form to most and whilst I know I'm far from becoming that makeup artist; I'm going to focus on improving what I'm already -quite- good at! I want to improve my skills and just become - better! 

I'm going to take time to test out new colours and new products, instead of applying my makeup 5 minutes before leaving my house, I'm going to take my time. One thing I really want to learn? That subtle cut crease, how to actually contour and to perfect my winged eye-liner. There's a list of things I want to learn and I'm hoping all the videos on Youtube will help me along with way, maybe I'll document my process or maybe you'll see the improvement over time. It's time to kick myself out of this funk I've found myself in, it's time to find the joy in the little things instead of just getting by. My blog and my beauty were what made me a little different to others and recently I've lost that, I can't wait to find that side of me again. 

Wow - this instantly got intense! But fingers crossed this happens, wish me luck! 

*Products with an Asterix were gifted to me in return for this post - all thoughts and photography are my own*. 


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