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With the recent event that was my 24th birthday, I thought it was time to delve into my nostalgic collection and share some of my fond childhood favourite...some of which still are top of my list!

Brace yourself this post is going to make you feel crazy old and crazy emotional that the cheesy tv/film years seem to be behind us. They just don't make television the way they did in the 90's/00's do they and I don't think I'm alone in admitting how much I miss that. Which is why I've begun this (what may seem odd) collection of DVD's from my childhood, which amazingly all came at a low price which made them all the more appealing. I know majority of you who read my blog grew up in the 90's, and that being said it's possible you grew up with the Nickelodeon classics and you'll feel the same nostalgia I'm feeling about today's post. Before I was a Disney fan, I spent most of my childhood watching Nickelodeon and you'll see a noticeable theme between both franchises and my love for them both.

One of my fondest memories of these series and films is the comfort they gave me and the biggest urge for adventure - let me explain this a little more...last year on my 23rd birthday myself and my two best friends went to London and on that trip I urged them to visit the Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens. Which is you were once an avid Olsen twins fan, you'll recognise from their film Winning London. Over the years - when watching anything I've found a connection to what I've watched on the big screen that interests me, similar to the Peter Pan statue, I've wanted to visit the the Trevi Fountain after watching The Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie, Sabrina Goes to Rome. Similar to how I've wanted to visit New York after seeing the magic of Christmas through Home Alone and in recent years being determined to visit North Carolina after watching One Tree Hill. 

A couple years back my brother got me the DVD box set of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and I can't explain the excitement. This is a go-to viewing choice when I'm having a bad day. I was a huge fan of the series when I was younger, every weekend, every evening after school I can guarantee that Nickelodeon would be our channel of choice; not only was I in love with the series, I would always watch the TV films, the animated series - and oh my life, do you remember the magazine series? Our news agents would always sell out and my collection was never completed - I was heartbroken.

I always dreamt of waking up one morning and becoming Sabrina, having a boyfriend like Harvey *swoon* and living in her house with a talking cat like Salem but alas I'm still waiting for that day to happen.

One of my most vivid memories of my childhood was weekday mornings at my grandparents before primary school. Me, my brother and our aunt would eat our breakfast (always - beans on toast) whilst either watching Free Willy, Matilda, Madeline or of course the Parent Trap. They all bring back special memories to those mornings but my favourite of the bunch was always the Parent Trap, to this day I can't get over the fact that Lindsay Lohan doesn't have a twin because oh man, that was some great effects.

I've always wished I could experience camp just like Camp Walden. There's just something innocent and cute about this film that I've never quite gotten over.

Whilst the Olsen Twins released plenty of films throughout my childhood; only a handful really stand out for me, I watched and loved them all of course but my few select favourites were - Our Lips Are Sealed, It Takes Two, Switching Goals, Winning London & of course Getting There. In 2016 I purchased all there DVDs and wrote a post about these favourites which you can read, HERE.

I was 10 years old when I first watched this film and I watched it on repeat for months, the girls celebrate their sweet sixteen and get their drivers license, with their new car they take a road trip with their best friends travelling from LA to Utah - which takes a few more attempts than they'd wish. I adored this so much as it was my first view of how roadtrips could be and the friendships they shared just got me excited to grow up.  

You all know Freak Friday, right? This 100% is from the pre-teen years. I can promise you I had this film on repeat over the years, I think my parents taped it on VHS for me and I'd watch this over and over before bed for a solid six months. 

How many of you wanted to start a sleepover club because of this show?

If you don't remember the show, then I guarantee you'll remember the book series The Sleepover Club I remember every school trip to the library I'd pick up at least one of these books. Both the book and the television series followed five best friends who each week hosted The Sleepover Club! The book series followed the same characters; however from creating this post found out that the books were set in Leicester, England yet the show was based in Australia....I pretty sure I attempted to host my own Sleepover Club several times and every time it definitely failed! 

It's safe to say I got through a big bulk of our childhoods but there's a few that I'm yet to find a physical copy of, however there's a few honourable mentions that couldn't go unnoticed. Old favourites like Saved By The Bell and Kenan & Kel were a huge part of my childhood viewings - personally SBTB was one of my favourites as I adored the friendship group and shipped Zac & Kelly before I even understood a thing like 'shipping'. I'd dream that my high school years would replicate the students of Bayside and let me tell you how disappointed I was when that didn't happen. Although they've been mentioned heavily throughout this post some of my favourite TV series was another Olsen Twin favourite, Two of A Kind. A story of total opposite twin sisters but oh my gee, I just loved it so so much...if I could find a way of watching that again you'd loose me for hours.

My final childhood favourite is one I'm not sure how many of you will remember; but as a child I was a huge fan of S CLUB 7 and I'm just hoping some of you remember their TV series played on CBBC(?). Overall there was four seasons, Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva La 7. Getting home from school and getting to watch these was a favourite hobby of mine, I've binged watched the series more than I should admit and if I could just reconnect my VHS I'd be watching them all right now. Just like I mentioned earlier about wanting to visit places because of these shows - I've always wanted to travel the US and because of this series wanted to do it driving a drop top Cadillac. 


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