Ways I Want To Celebrate World Gin Day.




...Not having to go to work for a start.

But in all seriousness, for those not in the know - today is WORLD GIN DAY.

And FENTIMANS was kind enough to send me this wonderful hamper to help me celebrate.Unfortunately I've got work this evening so today will not be filled with an ice cold glass of the gorgeous looking BLOOM GIN & ROSE LEMONADE but in fact filled with a false smile as I serve customers for the evening - oh the joys of retail. I thought rather than dwell too hard on that fact; I'd share with you the things I'd rather be doing today. And trust me, there's a lot more I'd rather be doing than travelling into work on a Saturday evening. 

Movie nights are pretty standard to every relationship, am I right? Movies are a huge part of both our lives but we can NEVER agree on a film. I like chick flicks and he likes action, agreeing on anything is difficult at the best of times; last year we agreed to watch all Harry Potter series and this year we've agreed to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Today I'd rather be curled up on the sofa watching a film (which admittedly scares the shit out of me).

When tickets go on sale, I tend not to get excited when the tickets are first released but once this weekend come around; I'm every bit jealous of everyone camping at the weekend. It's possible I'm glad I'm not soaked and covered in mud and have use of a good toilet but...I think the music would be well worth it. I'm currently watching every snapchat and Instagram story and wondering whether I'll have the guts to take on a festival next year...although somehow don't think sipping Gin & Tonic is the theme to Download Festival. 

I miss being 16; I miss that carefree attitude I once had and wish I could bring that back. I mean I've now got more money and I've got a whole lotta freedom, so I guess it isn't the end of the world that I'm not a teenager anymore. But what I miss this most are sleepovers on Saturday nights, chatting with your besties, watching films, eating your favourite snacks and planning how you'll spend Sunday. I'd love to shut off the world, watch a shit tonne of chick flicks and create a fort with my besties, filled with snacks and all these FENTIMAN'S GIN AND MIXERS. I didn't realise I was such a fan of Gin & Tonic until I tasted this selection, a soft and subtle taste which isn't as strong as I once thought it was. 

It's no surprise that I tend to suffer with my anxiety and this week it's been on a high and my best friend saw that I'd been struggled and has told me to book a day off work in the next few weeks and she's taking me on a spa day. Personally as excited as I am for that to happen, I'd love, love, love to be doing that today instead. Charlotte lives in Scotland & I in the West Midlands - so days together are very few and far between so I'd love anything to have my best friend with me this weekend. 

I know Gin is quite the drink of choice within the blogging world and I'm finally beginning to understand why. Whilst I'll be missing out on the celebrations today I've got a couple evenings off this week - so I'm looking forward to an evening with Netflix and the bottle of BLOOM GIN & ROSE LEMONADE. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope I'm back in full swing with my blogging but there's currently lots of things happening in my life and I'm not sure how ready I am to jump back into the blogging world. I've a few posts that I've created and will be shared in the near future but please hold on whilst I'm gone, fingers crossed I'll be back soon. Thanks for being so patient. 

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