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STOP THE PRESS...This girl is blogging again!

That's four posts scheduled and posted within the last two week, go me! 

And it certainly feels like forever since I last shared any beauty posts, longer than forever in fact but I'm back to it. But as boring as it may seem I thought to ease myself back into the beauty world, I'd share my current favourites.

Down to recent situations my anxiety has been triggered quite easily and I've been finding it difficult to focus on anything other than sleeping, eating and working - and even those everyday tasks haven't been easy. I've been contemplating discussing whats triggered my anxiety in a separate post, with it being so personal it might take a couple weeks to finally share that online. As I was finding every day tasks hard, keeping focused on my blogging & my beauty routines felt more like a chore and I lost all interest. Unfortunately I'm continuing to have similar days to this; but it's becoming easier to recognise and remind myself to take a step back to breathe and relax.  

After my COLOUR POP HAUL a couple months back my collection began gathering dust and last week I reach back in for my Colour Pop Ultra Matte in L.A.X. It's this deep red lipstick with a matte finish (obviously). Personally I love wearing this as a statement colour; with either a winger liner, completely minimal and recently fell in love with glittery eyes. Although I've had a recent beauty break - I haven't worn lipstick for much longer, so it's excited to fall in love with a colour all over again. 

SO unless you've been reading my blog for a number of years; you may be unaware of my unfortunate dilemma of having too many bath bombs and no bath to bathe in. A couple weeks back I moved in with some friends and I have been taking FULL advantage of our bath. Sore muscles? Take a bath. Feeling sad? Take a bath. Generally need to clean? Take a bath. I take comfort in taking baths, its my alone time and a place for me to think, I don't think my new housemates fully understand how many hours I'll be spending taking baths. I'm sorry guys but sometimes I've gotta have that calming clean. 

Oh P.S. please leave me any bath product recommendations, I need as many as possible. 

I purchased this glitter eyeliner a couple months ago and while it's been used few and far between, I've finally found the confidence to add that sparkle to my routine. I've also added the Barry M GLITTER DUST to this post - but what I like is the difference between the two products. This liquid products comes with a brush means I can apply this evenly onto any look, personally I like creating a winged liner and adding glitter over the top. I adore the subtle glitter and golden tones to this product making it not too heavy and perfect for me. 

Now, this is the adventurous glitter! This glitter pot has been stashed in my collection for yearssss, it's possible I should've thrown it away by now but I'm a hoarder and I hate throwing things way, sorry!? I'm not entirely sure how I applied this beforehand; I definitely need to purchase a product that helps to apply it but for now what I'm using the KIKO liner and adding this over the top. Unfortunately this product is messy but its so sparkly I can't resist. 

I've been dabbling with contouring for quite some time, I'm yet to perfect it like the insta-vids but I've got it working perfectly for me. For some time I was using the COLLECTION CONTOUR STICK, products I'd still be using if they hadn't ran out, FYI. But I picked up this Kate Moss Sculpting Palette after so many rave reviews online and personally I love it too. In reality I'm only using the bronzer and the highlight & blush are having limited use, I prefer the matte finish to my skin so highlight is a little lost on me. 

I feel like I'm cheating by adding this to my favourites because I'm still unsure on my decision. When the Garner Micellar water came on the scene a couple years ago I was desperate to purchase it and have been using it ever since, I've dabbled with other products within this time frame but always gone back to that pretty pink bottle and on a recent shopping trip with a friend I decided to test out the OIL INFUSED bottle instead. I find that this micellar water gets rid of stubborn makeup so much easier than other products I've tried before but unfortunately I find the oil too oily on my skin, almost as though I need to use another product to wipe that away, which by the way; I'm too lazy to use more skin care products so y'know, it's such a dilemma. 

Although on a technicality, my blogging space isn't a beauty favourite. I couldn't resist sharing a little glimpse with you. I moved out of my family home two weeks ago; there's a post about my EXPERIENCES AT HOME, if you fancy a nose? But a couple days into the move I felt ready to start blogging again and lay out my products. My new room is spacious and open which is perfect to bring out the natural light for my photography. I feel as though I have so much freedom and I've made an order for new blogging props and I'm very excited for everything to arrive and for my blogging to improve, whey! 

Well this was certainly a hefty post; thanks for sticking around. 

As the days go by I feel myself getting back to normal, I have dips in my mood and I wish to spend my day in bed but with time, I'm getting there. I'm taking more time for myself; whether thats a walk to the shops or relaxing in the bath,  I'm excited to spend an hour getting ready for work and making myself look pretty again, whey. It's time for me to concentrate on myself, something I don't think I've done in a very long time.

Whats your favourite beauty product recently? 

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