Beauty Bits I Purchased Last Month.



Guess who got a little spendy again? ME, that's who. 

As a celebration for my first month living alone I may have gotten a little wild when it came to payday. 

To lessen the guilt from myself I could tell you that I had my enablers with me and just couldn't help myself but once I'm with Ellie there's no holding either of us back. We've been the same since 2012, let's just say shopping bonded us together and I don't regret that one bit. 

What do you do when you're struggling? Sad? Happy? Or generally just need an overdue catch up... we go shopping? And Ellie is my perfect shopping pal. We finished university a couple years back and I feel so lucky to still have her in my life. Last week we met up with our friend from first year, Callie. It's been a couple more years since we last caught up with her and it was as if no time had passed...and let me tell you, friendships like that are wonderful! 

So sit back, relax and take a peak at all the fab new beauty products I've added to my collection. 

I've been needing some new beauty products for a while and had every intention of picking up pieces I've not tried before. Whether it be a totally new product or just from a different brand. I felt it was time to try something new. And I can honestly say that I love everything I picked up. 

The best time to pick beauty bits is when the store has an offer and SUPERDRUG is the best place for offers. Whether it's an offer with my beauty card or a in store offer, there's always something available. Forntualtey when I was in store there was a 3 FOR 2 offer on all cosmetics -  so you can imagine I picked up SEVEN things in total, oh boy. 

Realistically the only things I needed when I walked into the store was concealer and I wanted to check out the colour corrector options....luckily I picked up both and several other pieces. 

Obviously I picked up every bloggers favourite concealer COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION, I then picked up the MAKEUP REVOLUTION FOCUS & FIX for comparison purposes - however I'm yet to use and compare. Whilst browsing I found the most amazing highlighter I've ever come across & had no idea of it's release until I was in store, MAKEUP REVOLUTION RAINBOW HIGHLIGHT. Obviously I've seen the wonder of unicorn highlighter this year but I'd been waiting for a release similar to this; personally I don't often use highlight unless I'm feeling sassy & confident and I think this will stay in my collection for blogging purposes only for a while. I mentioned before how I was looking for a colour corrector and I hadn't noticed how many options were available, I purchased the FREEDOM PRO CORRECT PALETTE I'm yet to fully understand the colours to match and correct my skin tones. I also picked up the FREEDOM PRO EYEBROW KIT in light-medium, which is the typical eyebrow palette and works perfectly for me and my final purchase was the COLLECTION PRIMED & READY POWERED BY WITCH CLEAR this is an illuminating primer which brightens my skin and with it's combination of Witch Hazel helps keep my skin clear too, I've been using a *potentially* out of date primer for some time so I'm excited that I've finally purchased a new product.

Over the years I've fallen in love and trust certain brands and you can sense the pattern within this haul: Collection, Freedom & Makeup Revolution are my absolute go to's. Mainly down to the reasonable pricing and general great quality. But branched out a little when I purchased the L'OREAL PURE CLAY DETOX MASK. I'd seen plenty of raves about this collection and have been desperate to try them since reading my first review, whilst I was waiting in the queue I'd spotted this on offer so if I was already treating myself; why the hell not! And let me tell you, this is a brilliant product. I've had my fair share of 'pamper evening' since this purchase. Both to detox my skin and to just give myself a 5 minute break away from reality. 

Just when I thought my purchases in Superdrug were enough for the day we accidentally ended up in LUSH, yep it was an accident, I promise. 

It wasn't just a flying visit either, we tested out as many new products as possible. Hmm & Ahh'ed over all of the makeup products and I repeatedly took products in and out of my basket. Trying to take control on my spending I held back from the hundred other products I wanted to purchase, with my recent moving out and in my CURRENT FAVOURITES post I mentioned how this new house has a bath, so naturally I picked up DRAGON'S EGG and METAMORPHOSIS. I've not tried either before but both have citrus scents and that was enough for me. My final purchase of the day was the BREATH OF FRESH AIR toner water; I use this just before bed. Once I've removed all my makeup and just before going to sleep. Especially after a day of makeup this helps freshen up my skin and helps remove the stubborn makeup.  

Woah, that unintentionally became a lengthy post. I'm thrilled with my recent purchases, so many new pieces to test out and some already I know I'll be repurchasing. 

Have you tried any of these products? What're your thoughts? 


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