Why I Find Mens Aftershave So Attractive.



Have you ever walked past a guy in the street and taken a double take purely because of his scent? 
I know I have.

In fact, I feel confident in saying I'm not alone with this thought process. A men's scent makes them all the more appealing. I feel like this is going to spiral into a post about how I cat-call and ogle men in streets - I can tell you for a fact, that is not what I do. 

Let's just call it appreciation of a good scent. I'll tell my male friends how good they smell & tend to take a longer squeeze in a hug when they smell nice. It's almost the equivalent of a guy appreciating a girls makeup, it's letting him know that I've noticed the effort he's put into himself and letting him know that I like it.

I've always had a connection to scents and memories. Whether that be my own perfume, a guys or sometimes even things like candles, hairsprays and foods. If you know me on a personal level; you'll already be aware of my connections to memories and how even the bad memories I like to remember. I've never been one to switch off from a bad time in my life, I take it in, remember the times & people and move forward with it. So when Clive Christian asked me to work with them on their mens Lily of the Valley perfume I knew it would be the best way to share my thoughts on mens perfume and why I love it so damn much.

Typically over the years I was appreciating one persons scents & noticing the familiar scent on my other male friends. It brought back memories of first meeting people, first dates, first kisses and everything else and back then it was sweet, whether it was said boy who was wearing the aftershave, a friend or a guy passing in the street - he and those memories would be my first thought. The almost overpowering & sweet scents that lingers on clothes even after a couple hours make me a little weak at the knees, being reminded of the person you've just spoken with, hugged or hung out with is almost this self-descructive thing that I love. In the next couple of months I'm going to start feeling welcome to going on dates & meeting new people and I've noticed that I've almost created a check list of things I'd be looking for when it comes to future potential relationships and I think a guy who makes my knees weak and my heart sink a little with a good aftershave is top of that list.

I don't think this relates just to guys who I find physically attractive, this relates to noticing a guys effort into his everyday routine just the way I recognise it when a girl wears a gorgeous perfume. I really appreciate it and my nose is very happy when a person smells good. Personally today, I'm wearing Versage Blue Jeans as it's one of my all-time favourite scents. Unfortunately it reminds me of my ex and another guy I was seeing previously, but as already mentioned I'm trying to move passed those bad memories and enjoying this scent for myself. 

*This post was created in collaboration with Clive Christian all images & thoughts are 100% my own*


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