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It's been a long while since I've written a beauty review. 

I'm beginning to find beauty reviews quite tedious, no scratch that I am definitely finding them tedious. I've lost my spark to write about beauty products but when you're a beauty blogger & reviews are expected - a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

Don't get me wrong I still adore the beauty blogging community; maybe it's just not for me anymore?  Maybe I've reached a point where makeup looks and beauty reviews are no longer my thing. Maybe I'm just struggling to write this post and have jumped to conclusion (typical me though, soz).  In one of my latest posts I was chatting about how I wanted to strip my blog back to basics (here) and since then have been focusing on sharing a more informal outlook over on See The Stars. Being chatting & giving less of a shit about my format - so far is proving to be a little more difficult than I originally thought, but I'm sure I'll achieve it eventually. 

Over the years I've tried and tested falsies; tan, nails & lashes being the obvious choices and eventually over time I've given up with them. Whether they've made me feel good or how they've looked over time I've just grown bored to the upkeep and finding that 'pampering time'

Personally my pamper time is a 10 minute face mask & a quick shower & maybe shave my legs...who has time to falsies all day, everyday. Certainly not me. 

Although, hats off to any girl that has the time and energy to do this every day. week or whenever possible. And fair play, because these things can make you look bangin' (yep. I said it) and we all deserve a little pamper every now and again. What I like most about falsies and pampering is the ability to pay for the treatments in salons or the easy access of purchasing in-store. Personally I love the opportunity to sit and chat with the beautician; especially when they're up for a good goss but there's nothing I like better than lighting a few candles, choosing a good playlist and pampering myself for a couple hours - whats even better is that both work best when you're with friends. 

I was sent a selection of goodies from KISS COSMETICS; all products that Pixie Lott has recently been wearing & advertising. I was extremely excited to receive this parcel and those lashes look lush. 

But I say with a heavy heart; that I didn't agree with either of the products. 

I hope to say it was a bad day and I'll be more successful the next time I test them out; but I want to share this one a first impressions basis and I just couldn't get along with them. I've come accustom to acrylic nails, the price is obviously a little steep but with a typical longer wear time I can't complain. The IMPRESS ONE-STEP GEL NAILS* honestly lasted all of 60 seconds before they fell off. Unlike most false nails they're created with a sticky tape like application; however I'd be more comfortable using glue just for the overall strength. Whilst I like the concept of quick stick on nails it just isn't practical for everyday use, these peeled off and weren't sticking almost immediately after applying. 

And I had zero luck with the false lashes; which I'm most disappointed about. These KISS LASH COUTURE MIDNIGHT* set looks absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't stop myself from attempting to use them again. I definitely needed to cut these down to size to fit my lashes and that's potentially where this all went wrong, however the shape also prevented them from sticking to my lash line...I'll keep you updated if I find a way of wearing these in the future.

If I take anything from writing this post it's that I'm going to take more time pampering myself, even if it's a quick fake tan every week or a once in a while treat to get acrylic nails and I may even branch out to testing more natural lashes because from time to time we all need a little pamper sesh whatever way we thinks best for ourselves but, then again I'm also not going to be surprised if I don't do any of these things. 

I'm gutted that I didn't get along with these products but I'm completely aware that it's down to personal preference of products and application and the next beauty blogger may swear by them. 

Have you used these products? What are your initial thoughts? 

*Items were sent to me by Kiss Cosmetics in return for this review, all images & thoughts are 100% my own*

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