Outfit Of The Day #1: Why I'm Stripping My Blog Back To Basics.




Unless the blog title couldn't be anymore obvious, I want to take my blog back to basics. I want to write in a similar way to how I did back in the day. I want to actually enjoy writing again and sadly I've really struggled to love my content this year. Whilst I've improved my photography here and there; my content has struggled. I've felt forced when writing and unable to string a sentence together. 

I want to take a step back and strip 'SEE THE STARS' back to basics. 

A lot of things in my life has been stripped bare recently. I've gone from being a shy/self-conscience girl who was dependent on the people in her life to suddenly learning to do things alone and  surprisingly that confidence is growing. As already mentioned in my Life Lately post, in June my boyfriend of five years ended our relationship and a month later I moved out of my family home and have been living with some of my best friends since. I've been removed from two of my most comfortable bubbles and finding my own two feet. It's been an exhausting, emotional yet enjoyable mix and at this moment in time I wouldn't change that for the world. It's been exciting to feel like my own person. To be away from my parents and to learn things like washing my own clothes & doing my own grocery shopping. I've stopped being part of a couple and I'm learning to do things without relying on another person. It's been this massive eye-opener that I can lead a life on my own, as a strong independent woman...whilst she sounds really positivity & sassy she's definitely shit scared.  

Recently I've been toying with the idea of sharing fashion posts like I did circa 2015, and want to mix this with some inspiration I've taken from one of my favourite content creators LILY MELROSE. Whilst I don't think I'm the worlds most fashionable person (lol, seriously though) I've been spending a fair bit of my extra cash treating myself to a 'fresh' new wardrobe. Going out of my comfort zones and branching out into new things. Some items are a little risqué for me and others give me such excitement. I've never been very good at going out and getting outfit shoots and I don't feel natural when someone else takes my photo - so from the comfort of my bedroom with my iPhone feels perfect to make my blog feel like me again, yay. 

So how am I going to strip my blog to basics? 


I'm not entirely sure just yet, I just want to stop focusing on making my blog this perfect place on the internet. Making sure my images all perfectly match, that my Instagram is clean and that twitter is filled with blog links. I want to sit down every Tuesday & blog without feeling guilty if I decide to spend my day in bed instead. I want to feel relaxed when I haven't published a blog post in three weeks and not feel restricted to post on a schedule. I want to feel comfortable when writing down my feelings and not giving a fuck that a person IRL reads it. I'm going to start photographing everything again and keeping my compact camera in my bag like I did a few years ago. I want to begin documenting things again and not being worried about that. Whilst my blog has always primarily been a beauty blog I've always wanted that freedom to write about everything. I'm taking control of my blog & it's new direction. 

Unfortunately I have so many, yet so little ideas all at once and someone told me recently that the reason I'm struggling to blog is because I'm trying to keep everything positive and whilst everything isn't all happy sunshine and rainbows 24/7, it's okay for my creativity to come from sadness, because truthfully that emotion can bring out some of the best work.

Honestly I know I'm a broken record when it comes to my blog. I'm just as bored as you are to hear that this is my return because truthfully you might not hear from me for a couple weeks. So until next time, I'm continuing to work on my content behind the scenes and I'm easing myself back into the blogging community. I hope to see you soon x


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