It's no surprise I spend majority of my free time online; you'll never not find me checking my phone, you'll usually find me scrolling through my Facebook feed or watching videos on Instagram. Kinetic sand, slime and makeup videos definitely take up more of my time than I'd like to admit. 

I've been beauty blogging for almost five years and my passion and skill with makeup have continuously grew since. Some trends and hypes I've been able to buy into and others I've left to everyone else. 

Brow's being one of those trends. At the moment everyones sharing their thoughts on wavy brows and personally I'm ready for that to disappear, however glitter brows was something I'd be able to work with. 

You're going to wonder why I'm writing a post about my eye-brows once you hear that it takes me months to get my eye-brows plucked or waxed, I only fill them in with a little bit of product and luckily they've got a natural arch that they don't require too much effort. 

Whilst I’m rolling my eyes at some of the latest trends; I find my brows and the products I use, to be a staple part of my makeup routine but I can't quite perfect those Insta-brows(…or contouring whilst I'm talking about it). Basically I'm just a little bit shit but that doesn't stop me loving it. 

I have a list as long as my arm with products I want to try; anastasia beverly hills and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few, however luckily for me Debenhams were kind enough to send me a selection from Benefit's new range to test out. Constantly hearing positive and negative feedback from the established brand, I've always kept my eye on their latest releases...I just rarely purchase the products for myself and having only used a handful in the past, as you can imagine I've been extremely excited to test these pieces out. 

Personally I think that if I had thinner brows or that I was better with filling mine in; this would be the perfect product for me. This brow pencil is quite thin in comparison to products I've used in the past but I can honestly say it's got the best latest time of any products I've tried before so perfect for any stubborn areas. 

Out of my beauty collection I use a brow palette most often and the foolproof brow powder is the product most similar to my regularly used freedom palette and thought I'd love it all the same. It's possible that the excitement of trying new products does overshadow this however the brow powder comes with two shades; one for the main body of your brow and the other for the arch - however, my main concern, the sponge applicator. I'll be honest this product will definitely be used again in the future; maybe just using my trusted real techniques brushes.

The 3D brow tones reminds me most of the gimme brow, with a similar liquid texture and just a chunkier brush applicator. Whilst this possibly has another reason for use; I’ve found myself using this as a product almost to lock in previous products I’ve used. I received this in a lighter shade than the others and so it’s a little lighter on my brows…which I *think* is intentional as it helps create that 3D effect. Personally I’m going to continue using this product as an overlay, whether thats incorrect or not. 

This is my favourite. I’ve only used one gel product previously; an eyeliner and I honestly gave up after my first attempt. However, a completely different product, placement and a much more mature makeup applicator (thats me btw). Using my trusty real techniques brush rather than the brush that comes packaged with, I’ll apply this similarly to my powdered products but what I like most about this is how much more precise I can be with my application. I’ll combine this with the brow pencil to create a more cleaner look on my arch and then use the ka brow to really add thickness to my already bushy brows. 

I have been tempted over the years to have my brows tinted through benefit, which I’m considering lately - I feel like it’ll satisfy the lazy girl in me. But thankfully I’m so in love with these products I don’t mind making that little bit of extra effort on the regular. Benefit offer a shade selection one to five; I generally have quite medium shade brows already and so shade three worked perfectly for mine. 

One of the things I like most about this collection is the packaging. Everything about it screams pin up girls and sweetness. I love the colour clashes on the boxes and the overall retro feeling, sadly the products do feel quite light weight and a little cheap looking and as you’re paying for the product and brand - I’m a little disappointed by that. 

I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful pieces thanks to Debenhams; this full range and the rest of the collection is available online, here

Whats your favourite benefit product? What should I test next? 

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