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Whilst everyone is talking Autumn/Winter already, I'm holding onto that last bit of Summer for just a little longer.

Don't get me wrong I'm the first one to jump in excited at the thought of fallen leaves, crips air and all the knitted clothes in my wardrobe; but there's something about this summer I'm not ready to let go of just yet.

I'm sure in a week's time I'll be wearing my knitted beanies & counting down for Christmas but right now I'm still excited by the hot summer air, having a iced cold cider in the garden & wanting to work on my tan. And whilst the weather isn't agreeing with my thought process, I thought I'd share some of my summer memories with you instead.

In an attempt to make my blog more 'ME' I want to share more with you, create more of an informal, dear diary kind of vibe.

I've had what I can only class as the best and worst summer. That might sound a tad over dramatic I'm sure, but if you've been reading my recent blog posts you'll be aware of the happenings in my life. Some days I can only remember the miserable rainy days and other times I remember all those perfect summery days with my friends by my side.  

This summer has included lots of drinking dates w/ friends and family members. We started the summer off right, with a garden BBQ, fruit & prosecco...what more could you ask for. Myself, Laura & Sam were celebrating - Sam's 24th Birthday, Laura's new job & my single-ness. We headed to a little Alice in Wonderland themed cafe for afternoon tea before heading back home for a BBQ with the boys too. Being surrounded by friends when you feel like you're not coping with life is everything I needed. Whether it's been during those bad days or recently looking back; I'd not be feeling as strong as I am now without this group. 

The dance school I've been attending since I was eight years old celebrated it's 25th year and what better way to celebrate than to do a dance performance in front of our friends & family and a BBQ filled with food and drinks afterward. We danced along to cheesy music, took too many shots and I actually enjoyed playing party games for the first time in years! The worst part about that evening was the hangover I had to work with the next day, let me tell you - ouch! 

I met up with an old college friend who I ALWAYS struggle to see, our schedules always clash and making plans is a nightmare. We spent a Wednesday afternoon walking through Birmingham, catching up and testing out cocktails up and down Broadstreet. It's simple days like this that have cheered me up and kept me smiling. Meeting up with friends and reminiscing on life way back when (2010/11). 

I finally got to see an old university who I've not seen since our second year together. Myself & two friends have reconnected in such a fab way this year and I couldn't be happier to have them in my life again. It's like no time has passed and honestly they make me super happy. 

And so many other adventures which I feel will only bore you soon enough. Let's just say everything includes friends, family, food, drinks and a whole lot of reconnecting with people. 

I've learnt a lot this summer, I've learnt to go out and enjoy life and noticing when it's okay to take a step back and break away from reality for a while. I've worked my butt off and found time to wind down in-between. I'm actually heading on a weekend away to visit my best friend this weekend and it's my first break in forever, so I'm excited for that. 

Thanks to FENTIMAN'S for all the refreshing drinks this summer, adding different flavours to our Vodka mixes or just being a refreshing drink when suffering the morning after - fizzy drinks is a drink that I can't seem to quit so I'm thrilled with the selection I was sent to enjoy this summer. I've got a good stash saved to continue drinking those light summer flavours even if autumns approaching. 

Even considering the bad, I've had a delightful summer and can't wait for certain things to be a distant memory and you know what's exciting me most? I'm excited to see what Autumn brings. It's been raining the last couple days; I've picked up a musky mustard yellow cardigan and I'm ready to discuss Halloween, yay! 

What's been your favourite memory of this summer? 

*I was sent products from Fentimans to review, photography & thoughts are 100% my own*

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