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For a self confessed beauty blogger I fear that I’m terrible at sharing my beauty thoughts. Over the course of this year I’ve had plenty of posts which have gotten no further than an idea on my phone, some are still sitting in my drafts ready to be finished and other (quite similar to this one) have been mentally written in my mind over and over again - I just can’t quite get the images to match my thought process and it’s quite possible that by the time this post goes live I’ll have edited numerous sets of images until I’m happy - oh the joys of being a perfectionist. 

Anyway, It’s been a while since I’ve shared my first impressions on makeup products. I’ve gotten comfortable with sharing thoughts on my fond favourites and repurchases; and so wanted to challenge myself and share my initial thoughts when trying the Joan Collin collection for the first time. 

If I’m being 100% honest; I’ve had these pieces stashed away over summer. Waiting for the perfect moment to test them out and in time forgot about them. It wasn’t until I was digging through my drawers and found the beautiful berry lip shade that I realised it was time to share my post with you. 

I created this look using the collection I have and I wanted to share all my initial thoughts - from the day they arrived at my door, to this first use. 

At first glance I was in love with the packaging. Each piece comes boxed in a beautifully matte black packaging with a hint of gold for the branding and design. Although I was quick to notice the familiarity of the product packaging to Charlotte Tilbury - correct me if I am mistaken though. Personally I don’t own anything from CT however can’t help but noticed similarity within packaging and the logo’s looking almost identical. I do prefer when brands can create their own branding without being recognised as something similar. 

I actually received the mascara a couple weeks before the other pieces; and I adore everything about it. The brush is a little different to ones I’ve used previously. It’s advertised to help volumes and lengthens lashes within 30 days…a challenge I’ve not yet attempted, but will inform you as and when I do. And the foundation I started using almost instantly and love the coverage it gives me. 

Compact Duo - £16*
I barely used compact powder until this year - true story. And now it's a game charger to my routine. Personally I used the collection pressed powder and love it. There's something a little more appealing with this product; I think it's the sleek packaging that does it for me. I use pressed powder to set my makeup using a rather large powder brush - so this one is a little small in comparison, however I'm willing to sacrifice that as this compact means I can keep my makeup topped up throughout the day....also, isn't that berry lipstick just beautiful. A person favourite at this time of year.

When this arrived at my door-step I wasn't just excited to test out the product but I'd been using a foundation that didn't agree with my skin type and completely washed me out - I just hadn't had the time or money to pick up a new bottle. At the time I was using the l'areal true match foundation - and in comparison the first base foundation had a brilliant overall coverage and actually matched my skin tone. I hadn't noticed anything different when it came to longer wear time as foundation usually drops off me in no time. 

If you've been a long time reader of my blog you'll be aware of how much I adore my mascara's but it's been a while since I purchased anything new. But oh. my. days. - I am in love with this mascara. The wand of this mascara has an all round curved shape for getting into the smaller lashes and creating a thicker and fuller look. Admittedly at time I prefer a subtle lash, however majority of the the time I prefer my lashes with more volume. 

Personally I haven't a bad word to say about any of these products, I really do like them. I recognised that price-wise is down to the name associated with the brand - yet I personally wouldn't purchases these at this price. I find the colouring, packaging and product itself to be beautifully done however for the price find everything just above average or maybe it's just I don't like spending a fortune on one product. 

Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins range? What're your thoughts? 


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