My Weekend Break in Scotland.



Unless you've been living under a rock; you'll have missed that I spent a weekend in Scotland back in September. Actually, I may have shared more about this on my instagram - so if you want to give that a follow you can, here.

It's been a while since I've had some time off; since March in fact. So this was some overdue holiday time and a chance to take a solo trip to Scotland to visit my best friend and my family...and it was wonderful. Not only because of the people I went to visit but because I managed this trip alone. This time last year I'd be in the mist of an anxiety attack over the thought of going away - let alone doing it solo. Conquering one of my biggest fears this year has given me the greatest sense of independence and I can't wait to see what other travel possibilities come my way. 

I spent Friday-Tuesday in Scotland; travelling between Edinburgh, Leuchars & Queensferry before heading back to Birmingham. Lucky for me I had the rest of the week off and spent Wednesday and Thursday catching up with my housemates and having some 'me time' before going back to work - and even just one shift back SUCKED. 


I started the weekend with a 5am wake up call for my 6am train, luckily for me my dad was a gem and dropped me into the City centre or I'd have been waking up an hour earlier. I'd packed myself some snacks, brought along my laptop and was hoping the 4 hour train journey would fly by - and minus the slight travel did. Once I'd arrived in Edinburgh, I headed on my next train to Leuchars to meet Charlotte. She's been living in Scotland for a couple years now and I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to FINALLY see her home, I had a little tour around the village, her home, she opened her belated birthday presents before we popped to Dundee, found us a CEX and picked up five or six films at 50p each - what a bargain. 

We then spent the afternoon chilled on the sofa beginning our weekend of chummy binge of chick flicks and childhood favourites (Cheaper by the Dozen was our best choice by far) before heading out for a classic cheeky Nando's - a must when us chummy's are together.   


Having seen Edinburgh multiple times over the years I've definitely seen it's beauty before, however I'd asked Charlotte if we could do some 'sight-seeing' this weekend to refresh my memory. We caught the train in on Saturday morning and headed straight to Edinburgh Castle and had lunch in the cafe that over-looks the city and oh my gosh - this was my favourite view of the day.  We had a little walk round the castle before walking round the city itself. Unfortunately we had a little downpour and decided to head back to Charlottes for lunch and more movies...I think we watched a total of four on Saturday. Stormbreaker, Rugrats Go Wild, The Break-Up & Fame. Oh such good choices.


We had a slow start to the day, Charlotte had some jobs to get done and I was just being lazy and slept in; we headed into St. Andrew's for a Starbucks which started off my autumnal feels and it was great. Charlotte had told me there was a beach close by and oh my days, it was a must that we'd go and visit. I'd been wanting to visit a beach for years and I'm not lying when I'm telling you that this day was perfect. We took a short stroll along the water and obviously had to take a few snaps; it was the perfect excuse to wear my new biker jacket. And of course we continued the weekend with more food; this time heading to Dundee for a classic Sunday roast at a Carvery. 

At this point I don't think you'll be surprised to hear that we went back home, got into our comfy's and chilled for the rest of the evening. Charlotte had work the next morning and I was leaving to visit my relative's later on Sunday evening; so one last chilled chummy movie watching was exactly what we needed. We popped to the shop and treated ourselves to some junk food before watching This Means War. Before I knew it, it was 8pm and I was on my train to Queensferry to see my family for the rest of the weekend. After a quick catch up with my cousin, aunt & uncle and a few whiskey's later it was time for bed. 


Obviously with my family living in Scotland it's a rare occasion I get to see them, my cousin turned 15 on the Sunday and I'm pretty sure the last time we hung out she was 12 or 13. As everyone else was working and me and Zoe had the afternoon together and it was lovely. We headed into Edinburgh, took a walk round the shops and had the sweetest lunch at the Coro Chocolate Cafe. I went with the Cookies & Cream Waffle, Zoe had been here before and highly recommended we give it a try - oh, my, days it was beautiful. We were planning on going through the Camera Obscura but after my desert/lunch I suddenly knew the combination would result in motion sickness and decided against it. 

We headed back home and spend the rest of the day w/ my uncle and went on a 6 mile (?) walk, some beautiful views by the blisters on my feet afterwards are still hurting today. Once everyone was home from work; the five of us headed out for food. 

And before I knew it the whole weekend was over, it was Tuesday morning and I was on my 5 hour trip back home. I'm so grateful for my weekend away but truth be told I'm already ready for more time off.   

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