Things I've Learnt Since Living Alone.



I moved out of my parents house two months now & oh my life, I'm having so much fun. I apologise now as my parents are 100% reading this and probably want to hear how much I'm missing home but mom, dad...know that I'm very happy here and I do miss home too. 

If you've missed my latest posts I moved in with two friends back in July and you can catch up on my 47 experiences at home and my bedroom inspiration.

It took a lot of consideration to move out; not because of the house I was moving into or the people I'd be living with (they are fab BTW) but down to my own low self-esteem and lack of independence. My parents worried & so did other people, which scared me a little but hands on heart; this is the best decision I've made in 2017. 

Sometimes I need a reality check that I'm not going back to my bedroom back home and that this is infact my home now. I'm very much settled in and comfortable here but I don't think it's been a massive shock to the system like I thought it would. I moved in and I've just gotten on with things, I pay my rent and bills, I have a new bus route into work and I do my own washing & food shopping, other than that, this all feels completely natural. 

I remember I promised that I'd share my bedroom w/ you eventually and I thought this post would be the perfect way to share little snippets. I've currently still got a couple boxes here and there which I haven't yet thrown out, I've now got a TV up on my wall and I've got clothes all over the floor because putting things away requires too much effort. 

I've tried to keep the room as minimal as possible, staying faithful to good ol' IKEA furniture and  with an obvious green theme and a little hint of Disney going on. 

This room is much bigger than at my parents but fear not - I'm still managing to fill it all up with all my shite. I no longer have a book-shelf or a desk which is very weird as I have no space for my DVD collection and it means that I don't have what feels like a blogging space either. But we're looking at doing out one of our rooms into a studio/office/creative space as everyone I live with has a creative background, we'll make it look super cute I'm sure. 

Right so I've gone completely off topic - what have I learnt since living alone? 

Not a huge lot to be honest. As I said, it's felt so natural that nothings filled me with panic or taught me any life lessons just yet...but here's the few things I've learnt so far: 

I was talking with a friend recently and they explained how as a household they don't do much together and it made me realise how lucky I am to live in a house with such good friends. Ultimately with us all working shifts we don't get to be sociable every night; but when we're all in together sometimes we'll cook a meal together (which hasn't happened for a while) or we'll stick on a film or two before heading to bed and even have a chat in one of the bedrooms (which is usually Laura's, sorry L) before finally going to sleep. Before moving in I thought I'd like my space & hide away each night but so far have only done that a handful of times when I've had a tough MH day or just bloody knackered. 

One of my main concerns when moving out was my inability to use a washing machine...I know at 24, thats embarrassing. But my parents did my washing & I definitely took advantage of that - but guess what. Washing clothes is so fucking simple, what was I scared of? I've done a couple of successful washes, although some of my undies has turned grey and a load has already gone home w/ my mom after a little incident with our machine...but other than that, completely successful!

There's four people living under this roof; just like at my parents house. But it wasn't until I had to keep an eye and repurchase bits did I realise how fast they run out. Essentials being the bread, milk, butter & cheese and all the toiletries, understandably we're sharing so we're all taking it in turns to pick up the replacements too - I'm convinced it was only a couple days ago I was picking up a new bottle of milk & toilets rolls and they need picking up again now. 

Unless I'm in desperate need of food or have an idea of what I want to eat; I've found that I'm doing anything to avoid food shopping. I'm stocked up on chicken nuggets & chips and that'll do me for a couple weeks, it's potentially doesn't help that I'm constantly buying food when at work or I'm constantly ordering food when out. Either way I can't remember the last time I popped to the shop and stocked up on essential food, oops? 

I actually haven't done this as often as this might sound, I'm known to spend the day in my bedroom; but I'm either sorting things out or generally blogging; taking photos and working at my computer whilst binge watching Netflix. But recently I've spent the whole morning/afternoon in bed before work, obviously I've been blogging but I've not got dressed, the curtains are still closed and I'm having a day for me and I don't feel guilty one bit....well I do a little, but this counts as self-care so it's needed. 

Ok, maybe I'm not as strong or as independent as I'd hoped. But I promise if you'd met me this time last year, I was almost a completely different person. This past week I've been making phone calls for various things and only had a mild panic before one, I've been applying for jobs which once terrified me and I'm just generally finding more independence in every day life. I still slip back into my anxious self and worry about even the simplest of things but I'm progressing and I genuinely think that's the biggest achievement I could've made.

Three months down the line; moving out has taught me so much about myself and being dependent on myself and I wouldn't change that for the world. Big thanks to my housemates and friends for helping me transitioning to my new house and making me feel so at home, I love you all. 


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