What Excites Me About Autumn & Winter.



Did anyone else feel that sudden chill of excitement go down their spine on October 1st? 

Did you feel that switch in the air and suddenly feel at ease? Surely I'm not alone with this? 

Truth be told, everything felt calm once I felt autumn approaching. The cold air, the start of the shorter nights, the spiced pumpkin and cinnamon scents everywhere and my need to wear as much mustard and orange as possible . I feel calm, this time of year, I just belong here. I feel like I have a stronger ability to make it through at this time of year; I feel stronger and more capable. And I've got a list as long as my arm about plans I want to make throughout Autumn and Winter and oh my life, I can't wait to cross them all off. 

Of course what better way to celebrate my own excitement than to write *possibly* the most cliche post about my thoughts and plans for the current and upcoming season. 

Let's not be surprised that this time last year I shared THIS post about my fashion choices for the season and I guarantee that my opinions haven't changed. I recently purchased a faux suede jacket with a faux fur lining from Primark, which you can see a glimpse of it, here - it's such a thick coat that it's going to be perfect for the colder months. At the moment it's still too warm to wear this without burning up but I have so many outfits planned with this and all my knit wear. Including that mustard bobble hat and a new tartan scarf I picked up in the men's section in Primark last week. 

Down below I've included a couple links to some pieces I want to pick up: but I'll be doing a more in-depth wishlist in the next few weeks. 


There's nothing more festive than a dark room lit up with fairy lights and all the scented candles. I'll be honest with you; I've got fairy lights on almost all year round, however I change the scent of the candles from citrus to cinnamon with the change of season. There's just something about those fairy light that give my room that relaxing ambiance that I can't quite let go of. 

I think I've touched on this in another blog post; but this time of year brings my blogging motivation. Slowly but surely I can feel it coming back to me, typically I'm still struggling but there's something quite therapeutic about an evening with said candles & fairy lights, a christmassy film and a hot chocolate that makes writing blog posts all the more exciting. The building I work in has a Costa, so you bet once their Christmas drinks range is released; I'll be spending my free afternoons sat and blogging my heart out. Last year I blogging throughout October & managed to *almost* complete Blogmas - I'm hoping I can reach something similar throughout November & December this year. 

Over the years I've dipped in and out of excitement when it comes to halloween. I don't like horror films, blood and gore can scare me from time to time and currently I don't feel the least bit excited for halloween, but (and this always happens) three days beforehand, the nights will be colder and I'll instantly want to dress up, play around with fake blood and liquid latex and see what creations I can make, upon writing this post I found last years halloween creations which you can see HERE...and now I wonder what I'll create this year. 

Call me weird but there's something I find quite romantic about bonfire night, maybe it's all the rom-coms over the years have gone to my head - but as a teenager I felt this romantic energy around this time of year and whilst I think I'm going to find this time of year at my loneliest now, I still want to be reminded of my love for the season and be hopeful that this romantic feeling won't go away. 

For anyone living in Birmingham it's almost mandatory to make a trip to the Christmas market throughout December - and typically just one trip is never enough, not for me anyway. It's become quite the tradition within a few of my friendship circles and I'm already excited to head into the city centre and get my jager-hot chocolate and Nutella crepes fix. There's been changes made this year w/ them not opening the craft market and moving the location of the Ferris Wheel and Ice Rink. Which means I miss out on one of my favourite food stands but I'll make the most of whats about.

...I've already made plans with some blogger friends; which means I'll have some photography content to share with you, woo!

This might surprise you, but I'm yet to make a Lush purchase since this years launch and trust me I'm pissed about it. Throughout this month I've tried to ease back on unnecessary spends; however when payday comes around I might need to make a *small* order. I went into the Birmingham store last week with Katrina and one of the store assistants chatted with us for about 20 minutes about new products and let us test out the ECTOPLASM which will be the first product in my basket next week. 

It's also essential that I stock up on my Christmas favourite SNOW FAIRY and now I live in a house with a bath - stock up on all my bath bomb favourites.  

Potentially the weirdest one on my list BUT hear my out. 

It's Christmas time after all and there's something I love about the rush of Christmas shopping. I like to do my shopping gradually from November to December - so I'll take short and sweet trips almost weekly until my shopping is completed. This year things will be a little bit different as I have less people to purchase for and I'll be spending on a budget; however I'm still excited for these shopping trips. I might even make a start at the end of this month! 

Whether these nights are alone or filled with friends; one thing I love about this time of year is the cosiness of movie nights. I've already have an evening planned with my best friend when she visits me in December. We'll have our annual Christmas chummy day - where we exchange presents, watching Christmas films and eat as much chocolate as possible, I'm very excited for this. I want to make the most of having my own place this year and invite friends round for as many movie nights as possible, how exciting! 

I apologise that this post took a huge Christmas turn (that wasn't my intention), however I'm very much excited to see what the next couple months brings. I'm excited to create new memories with my friends who have stuck with me this year, excited to experience everything in my new home and I'm generally very excited that we're in my favourite seasons. Let the good times begin! 

What your favourite thing about this time of year? 

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