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Here me out with my *two* excuses for this haul taking SO long to be uploaded. Firstly, I feel so late to the party, especially admitting it took until recently to get my hands on some of the Lush Christmas range. Originally it was down to lack of funds - I also just haven't walked past a store until recently and after attending a job interview that sent my anxiety through the roof...I thought it was time to treat myself.

£30. Later. I. Am. Filled. With. Excitement. And. Guilt.

My other excuse is that I'm in two minds as to whether I wanted to continue blogging but I'll talk a little more after I've shown you the goodies I've been picking up.

Disclaimer: I actually headed into store a couple days after Halloween, just to make sure I picked up some of the halloween products. 

I'd visited the store two weeks previously with Katrina, both of us were low on funds and had already spent a little too much money in Primark & Paperchase. It was so nice to be with a fellow blogger and for us to encourage each other to come back another day rather than being enablers and regretting it the next day. 

Over the course of the years I've always headed into store to stock up on my favourites: snow fairy and baked Alaska are always top of my list, but this shopping trip I'd made the effort to purchase products I've not tested before...and you bet, I heavily stocked up on bath bombs. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll be aware of my love for citrus scents and whilst I tend to relate citrus with spring and summer, majority of Lush Christmas range does involve lemon, lime and orange scents...and oh my life, they're so hard to resist. Personally when shopping during this festive period I'll look out for burnt apple, cinnamon and spiced scents but when I walk into Lush those specifications just go completely out the window. 

I'd walked in with a mental list of *two items* and ended up walking to the till with a basket full. Firstly I picked up ectoplasm one of the jelly bombs, when we've been in store previously they demonstrated this and I knew I needed to test out this green smile bath for myself, once in the water this a layer on top turns into a slime with multitude of yellow, green and purple colours. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with this jelly bomb, it smelt gorgeous but there wasn't much else to it, there wasn't much colour and the jelly didn't really work...or at least didn't last long, at all. I instantly picked up the sparkly pumpkin - which I'm actually yet to use, I think I'm hoarding it for a rainy day - that and I'm dreading the glitter clean up. 

It was at this point I should've walked away; it was the start of November and I have the next two months to make any purchases...but payday had been, bills were almost all paid and well I thought, fuck it. 

The first from the Christmas range was this Christmas cracker and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to throw this in the water; it's filled with lemon and lime scents AND popping candy (the 16 yr old in me is always excited by popping candy FYI). I'm saving this up to use after a hectic week at work or the day I'm hungover after my work's Christmas party, whichever works out best for me. I usually resist the bath melt oils as I worry they won't last too long or whether I'm even meant to use it all at once or not; but again with the grapefruit and lime scents, I couldn't resist the Tree-D and oh my life, I've been mixing this with bubble bath and other bath bombs and oh. my. life - it adds so much to the festive aroma in the steamy bathroom. My last product I'll save right away - for the price I won't be repurchasing next year because £11.95 for a shower gel just kills my bank account; however the glittering blue and the sweetest smells of the Berry berry Christmas does make me question whether I'll stick to my own word. 

I made these purchases back in November and I've been really quite restricted since, I'm so proud of myself. 

I've been putting aside my money this year to treat my family and friends; as a big thank you for the support they've given me this year. I can't wait to see the look on everyones faces as they see the bits I've got them and to just let them know the gratitude I feel towards them and with that being said I'm *trying* not to spend money on myself. 

Right, so I bet you're all wondering what my decision is with my blog. And to be perfectly honest, I'm still torn. One minute I think it's finally time to pack it in and close down See The Stars blog and the next I'm motivated to photograph, write and edit. I'm also inspired to work on other creative projects. I've got a list of ideas for podcasts and I've even attempted to film a youtube video. My mind hasn't been in the right place for a while and I'm still working on bringing 'ME' back and I think with that my blog is going to be going at it's own pace for a while. Posts will be sporadic, posts will be slow and will often involved A LOT of rants and 'catch-up' style chats. 

Fortunately for those who enjoy reading my blog on the regular (yes, I've spotted you - ps. thanks) I've got a couple of posts saved in my drafts which I want to go live soon, so I'm going to focus on those for the next couple of weeks and hopefully have some content to share up until the new year and in the new year - I may take a break, close down the site whilst I focus on rebranding. So if you have any recommendations, suggestion or tips, please I'd love to hear them. 


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