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Do you remember my little challenge of last year?

I'd challenged myself to watch as many films as possible throughout 2017; which turned out to be quite successful.

Not only did I want to challenge myself to watch as many as possible, I wanted to watch a variety; new releases, old classics which I'd not seen before, branch out of my comfort zone of the chick flick genre but still binge watching all my favourites. The perks of working at a cinema makes this challenge a little easier with the new releases, moving into a house with people who like different genre's to me also made it easier to try new things but of course I always went back to my favourites, like Cinderella Story & She's the man. I'm a girl who likes comfort, okay?

I've taken you on this journey with my film choices throughout 2017 minus the last two months where I became a little slack, in total I watched 277 films and today I wanted to share a small snippet of the top 10 films I watched last year. 

I originally watched this for the first time two/three years ago and absolutely adore it every time I watch it. I mean if you've never watched this film; I'm sure you've heard about the fake orgasm scene in the NYC cafe, right?

Now, not only is that a great (and kinda awkward) scene that makes this movie great. I'm a sucker for a love story and a complicated one at that. Harry & Sally meet through a friend at college and the film follows them through the years from that first meeting (when they originally hated each other fyi) to where they form a kind-of complicated friendship, whilst you spend majority of the film wanting them to become an item, you also get extremely wound up every time they fall out. You watch them struggle with issues alone and together, they pick each other up and there's part when you desperately want the other to arrive and make everything better. Personally I'm just a little in love with the two characters and the concept of the film, and that's why I love it so much; although falling for your best friend...isn't as cute as they make it sound in the movies. 

OH MY DAYS. Right, so if you don't follow me on twitter and instagram you'll have been completely oblivious to my newly found love for Kingsman and Taron Egerton. When this film was originally in cinemas (back in 2015) I was so against watching this film, my ex was so adamant that I'd enjoy this film and I completely refused it. Personally, this is the only time in the last 8 months where I will happily say that he was right. Maybe it's my not-so-subtle crush on the main character Eggsy but whatever! I'm head over heels for this London chavvy boy come secret agent gentleman type with the help of the ever more gorgeous Colin Firth. With the beautiful faces, the most adorable doggo's and all the action, trust me if you've not watched please do. 

PS. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is also just as perfect. 

When you work in a cinema it becomes the norm to watch films alone; but I can honestly admit watching a film and crying my eyes out ALONE, might be a little bit embarrassing even for me. I'd been wanting to watch Wonder for a while but hadn't found the chance until one even after work; treated myself to a popcorn combo and watched the film on my own (girl power & self love etc.)
Wonder is film based on a New York Bestseller about a little boy with facial differences who after years of homeschooling decides to attend a public school instead; the story follows the little boy August and his family as they all come to terms with the decision, as they all worry how people will treat him and how they are all effected and appreciate the little boy. Not only did it fuel me with anger over the people who couldn't accept him, I was uncontrollably emotional with the friends he made at the school and watching his parents constantly worry over him. 

Personally I didn't know this film existed but left me on the edge of my seat from the start. The Truman Show is a Jim Carrey film about Truman, a man who has unknowingly been followed on cameras since birth. The Truman Show essentially is Big Brother; minus all the contestants and the winning price. Truman has gone almost most of his life without realising whats happening; viewers have had control in this outcome of his life, they vote and decide what happens next? Luckily he begins to realise whats happening and its a case of piecing everything together and outsmarting the outside world.

The last scene of this film was so powerful, watching the hurt and the relief in his eyes. As a child I loved the concept of Big Brother, but imagine that for you're entire life - no thank you.


I'm always a sucker for a good Nicholas Sparks movie, period. Even when they aren't my favourites, you'll still find me balling like a baby. I'd spotted this on Netflix over the years and just kind of brushed passed it like I wouldn't enjoy it - and oh my life. As soon as it ended, I was ready to watch it again. We can all agree on how unrealistic these love stories really are; who falls in love that fast? Luke and Sophia fall for each other almost instantly but with their different career paths and Sophia moving to New York at the end of her studies they wonder if they'll last as a couple but like every other Nicholas Sparks movie you have an old man who helps them find their way by telling them about his one true love and the struggles they faced.

I've always really enjoyed cheesy films with predictable endings but I recommended this film to a friend at work and him and his girlfriend loved it as much as I did, whey. 

Possibly the one film which is closest to reality, which I found this both intense and educational. The film focuses on a group of young adults who all suffer from various eating disorders, who as part of their treatment live together and how they help each other overcome their problems. It's heartfelt to see how each of them wanted to help one another; whether it being part of their recovery or helping them just deal with what they're feeling. Overall I found this film quite powerful in the way it shared a persons reaction to their eating disorder but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I'd always heard that Goonies was one of the 80's films that needed to be watched and had it in my head it was some kind of horror film - and steered clear. So please don't judge that it took until the age of 23 to watch this film. Because you best believe I regret that it took until now to give it a chance. The Goonies follows a group of pre-teens on a treasure hunt to help save the two brothers family home, it's full of mishaps, intense moments and generally lots of fun. An unusually perfect family film.

I vividly remember the buzz about this film when it was first released yet some how didn't watch it until this year; but it was perfect. You can bet I was holding back tears within the first scene and felt intense and heartfelt until the end. Sandra Bullock is just perfect in this role, her character brings a homeless teen into her home and cares for him like one of her own, Michael absolutely breaks my heart, he's a shy and timid teen who with the help of his new family; builds his confidence in school and focuses on his dreams to become a football player. My. Heart. Can't. Cope. 

9. WILD.
It was July. It was 1am when me and my new housemate decided to watch Wild; we've been friends for a couple years but this was a definite bonding moment for us. Wild was another film that I'd heart about when it was first released but just didn't interest me at the time and embarrassing as this might sound, I've been intrigued since the episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. What is the story? Would I be a person doing the walk because of the film or the book? And yes, I would because of the film. 

Another quite realistic storyline but also damn hilarious. I'd had this on my list to watch since its release on Netflix but sometimes I fear over new films that I won't enjoy them as much as I'd hoped and just put them off...sometimes not even watching them at all. It actually took more to convince my ex-boyfriend to watch this but I remember we were both quite content with this after it had finished. Personally I found Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts hilarious together; with both comical timings and the raw comedy to this film I just thought it was a great way of sharing thoughts of a young disabled adult. 

I stopped challenging myself after a while; I constantly watched films and know and love but I'm making a new list for this year as long as my arm with as many films and film series which I'm determined to watch.

Any suggestions and recommendations, please send my way. 


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