Becky & Steve deserved better...



I've just finished watching Him & Her for the second time and just like the first time I finish the season overjoyed with their happy ending but also a little frustrated with how everything else should've gone.

Becky and Steve deserved SO much better, especially Steve - because he's my babe and I love him. 

If you're yet to watch Him & Her get yourself onto Netflix right now. The British series follows the relationship of Steve & Becky a young couple who spend the entirety of this series in their bedsit, they don't work, enjoy drinking and literally staying in bed, eating toast. They're constantly interrupted by Steve's neighbour Dan, Becky's sister & fiancé Laura & Paul and Laura's pal Shelly, they can't stand any of them but both have a heart of gold that means they never force them to leave. And from the moment I watched the first episode I was hooked on their relationship. It's hardly '#couplegoals' but at the end of the day, what relationship is.

I don't want to tell you too much about the series incase you're yet to give it a go, it's British humour which is sometimes a little dark, it'll make you tense with frustration because Laura is such a bitch and you'll melt at the way they both share a little smile and you can see how much they love each other. I've titled this post 'Becky & Steve deserved better...' because they do. The series ended perfectly for the two of them and I'll forever wish for another season to see how their life continued to unfold. But throughout the series you see how much the couple love and adore each other, the way they do things isn't to everyone else's' approval, Laura constantly interferes and get's both ex-boyfriends and girlfriends involved and is generally a spiteful little bitch and at the end of every episode I wish things went differently for them; majority of the time I want things to work best for Steve as Russel Tovey's portrayal of this character actually melts me heart and the chemistry with Sarah Solemani just works perfectly for me.

This got me thinking; what would I want from my next relationship? Obviously I don't want to sell myself short; I don't want to enter another relationship where my best effort to impress another person is ignored or goes unappreciated. I'm lucky enough to have friends in my life who remind me of my worth and how I dealt with very minimal previous and don't deserve that again. A couple years ago (back in 2014, woah!) I wrote a post about living ...IN A PERFECT WORLD and I remember the feedback I received was all positive and today I wanted to write something similar; less about me becoming the perfect version of myself but for me to describe my fantasy world of my 'perfect relationship'. Now this isn't a post about how I need a tall, dark and handsome prince...because where are they even at? It's more a descriptive post about the person, the conversations and the type of relationship I think about.

If my last relationship taught me anything is to choose someone with similar passions and interests to me; so that's all gym bunnies out the window - I'd rather not have to fight to be top priority over a persons personal best, gym girls and weights again, I know opposites attract and in some ways I don't need someone identical to me, it's more a case of wanting a person to choose an evening in bed watching trashy films and ordering take-away. I want to be in that love bubble that does mean putting on a few pounds and being completely comfortable with that.  If you know me, you know how I love random car journeys and late night trips that lead to wherever. Being able to plug in spotify, choose my cheese tracks and for me to sing along to everything with that one person will make me happier than any over-priced three-course meal, I don't need candle lit dinners but what I need is effort. I want late night drives to the supermarket and stopping off at McDonald's for a milkshake, I want things to be fun, I want to constantly laugh, for my plans and ideas to be made reality rather than constantly waiting for the time to be made or for me to be the only one to put the effort in. I also want to be with a person who I can get drunk with; whether it be going to quiz night at the pub, hanging out with a group of friends or staying at home. Knowing what can switch my mood when I'm struggling with my anxiety...which sometimes is something as simple as a walk through the countryside or something as basic as a trip to Ikea.

I'd have never considered myself to be a high-maintenance person; I've never expected much and never really will. I've always wanted the best for my friends and the person I'm in a relationship with. I guess whilst thinking about what I deserve for any future relationship is a person to appreciate me for that, but also a person who knows my flaws and excepts them anyway. For a person to know how simplistic things will make me feel better, which FYI, coming to my home when I'm having a bad day or meeting me from work to watch a film are those kinds of things.

It's been seven months since my relationship ended and in this period of time I've learnt so much about myself and what I deserve and who is and isn't willing to put that effort in for me, it's going to take me a long time to accept someone new in my life and notice a person who is willing to do that for me; I'm not ready to accept anything less anymore. I was enjoying dating for a while however at the end of 2017 I realised I wasn't happy with that, not only was I wasting my own time but I was wasting theirs too. With this being the new year I want 2018 to be about self-care and self-love. I'm happy enough talking to cute boys but I'm also proud of myself to taking myself on days out and for making plans that will make me happiest. I'm loving the company of my friends at the moment and I don't think I need much more than that.

My fantasy guy can wait, this fantasy relationship may just always be my make belief but if thats what gets me by, then so be it. I've always lived in a dream world anyway. What're your thoughts when it comes to your perfect relationship?


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