Christmas 2017.



Woah! Hello there, so if you had or hadn't noticed...I took a short break from the internet and my blog, again.

It's actually quite embarrassing how many breaks I've taken in the last six months and how many times I've apologised and promised I'm back for good. But towards the end of 2017 I promised myself that I'd take a break, take no photographs, make no notes and not even peak at my blog - call this my blogging cleanse if you will. I wanted to completely cut myself off from the internet and come back fresh and ready to tackle the new year. Truth be told, Twitter is too addictive and I wanted to keep my personal instagram updated; but apart from that blogging was easy to step away from. Which now means I'm a little worried that 2018 won't be the year of the comeback and will be a year of more empty promises - but hey, here's for trying. 


We've got a lot to catch up on, its been just over a month since I shared anything on my blog and it's been a while since I caught you up on my life. Whilst my tinder profile says that I'm quite boring; it turns out I've got quite the social life these days. 

Aside from the couple of dates I've been on in November, I've taken a little break from the dating scene and have since focused my attention on friendships and spending time with my family. Going on throwback nights out to Propaganda and Uprawr for my housemates birthday, which was a blast from the past and it easily took the entirety of Sunday to feel human again. It snowed in December, which resulted in our work's Christmas party to be cancelled, so myself and a couple of work friends trecked through the snow and all hung out with Christmas films and ciders. 

My best friend came from Scotland to see her family over Christmas; we had a chummy day , caught up over a drink at Starbucks, watched Home Alone and Mike & Dave need wedding dates and a trip to Birmingham's German Market. Myself, Charlotte and our other friend hung out one evening watching Kingsman: the secret service and we made Christmas dinner and drank Bucks fizz. 

My dance family hosted TWO Christmas parties: one was a Christmas meal at one of the local pubs, which included some delicious food and a few too many cherry vodka's! Boy, did my head hurt the next morning. The other was a party at their home, which I've found out are the best parties to attend. One of the girls is in a long distance relationship with her girlfriend living in Florida and she'd surprised her by flying over to celebrate Christmas and we finally had the opportunity to meet and oh my life, it was perfect. On the evening of the party we hung out, got drunk and took WAY too many photos. A couple days later the three of us spent an evening together at Birmingham's lantern festival, which was a massive let down but after heading to their local Indian restaurant and being each other's company made for a delightful evening. 

Oh and now these pictures. Don't you just love these photos? Friendmas 2017. Every year me and my two best friends celebrate our friendmas just before Christmas with Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts, this year was celebrated on Boxing Day with a Chinese take away and oh my life, it was perfect for us. We've all been so busy with work lately and two of them have worked their butts off last year so it was lovely to switch off from work, dance around the room to Paramore & Don Broco and have a general catch up. I'll be sharing what they got me for Christmas in another post but I'll tell you now I teared up at one of my gifts and even a week later I'm still so grateful for all the gift they picked for me. 


Well, if this isn't the biggest question my own lips. Whats got me so lost that even writing a post about my favourite lipstick is feeling like a chore...realistically I don't have a proper answer. Maybe a couple things have contributed and that's making my creativity difficult. It's almost as though the creative side of me has been switched off this year; although I've had ideas after ideas, I'm some how unable to complete 'from pen to paper' and I can't begin to describe how infuriating that is. 

Personally I think that the break down of my five year relationship holds a lot of blame behind my creative struggles, somehow whenever I open my laptop this cloud of unhappiness, a heavily weight of self-doubt and a constant reminder makes me stop and avoid thinking about it, sometimes the only thing my body is capable of doing at this point is switching off and taking a nap. I don't know why and I don't know how when I try and blog, my break and my ex are the first things I think about, I'm hoping that this break away from the internet helps me overcome these feelings. 


Whilst I think I'm ready to come back; I'm making no promises. However, I took some tips from Tarnya from SWEET ALLURE a couple months back and have a little A5 notebook in my bag ever since, noting down ideas and keeping track of projects I want to begin this year and I'm excited that its' time to work on them. 

I want to branch out my creativity this year, writing regularly about beauty and lifestyle which have been my main niche's on See The Stars since 2013, I also want to focus my attention towards fashion and just generally making my blog more laid back, more chatting and to experiment with my writing, photography and editing. I've also got a few projects lined up which involve me *attempting* Youtube and fingers crossed starting the podcast I mentioned in some previous posts. Every year I tell myself that the next year will see my blog becoming bigger and better and 2017 was a huge roller coaster of that. My photography improves massively and I thought I was going to make more of this little blog and thats when it all plummeted. Photography felt difficult, editing took hours and ideas sat in my drafts until I deleted them last week. 2017 wasn't the year for See The Stars and my loss of stats and following proves that. 

I'm still figuring out the direction I want to take with my blog; I'm still figuring out the content you might want to see but I'm excited to see what 2018 brings for all my projects. 


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