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There's always been a huge debate in the blogging world that you need the latest and most up-to date camera to get anywhere with your blogging photography. Which in some ways I disagree with, however I've always been a little torn as I've typically always used a DSLR for my photography, so I feel like my argument is invalid. 

This is down to personal preference and a way to practice the photography skills I've wanted to continue with since my studies at college. 

That being said I've always encouraged that if using your phone camera is your only/best option, you can always find ways on making the photography work best for you. So today I thought I'd share my thoughts when using my DSLR, iPhone 7 plus & the iPhone 8 plus and compare which I find best. I  was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Three Network and test out the iPhone 8 Plus in 2017 and have been completely envious and a little bit gutted that this phone and the camera are no longer in my possessions. Luckily for me I had a cheeky upgraded on my own phone and have managed to improve my phone quality just a touch. 

I've always enjoyed photography, whether it's been to capture the moments on day trips, my blog photography or drunken nights out, I'm pretty sure I've always got a camera at hand. The handheld photography game has improved over the years; especially with every iPhone (and other phone) releases, when scrolling through my old Facebook albums I find myself laughing at the photos I took using my Blackberry back in 2010. With my keen interest for photography you bet I've always had a camera at hand, whether it's been my phone or my digital camera. 

In fact I've been upgrading my camera game since 2005. I got my first camera on my 12th Birthday, my high school year-book is filled with photographs my little camera captured, in 2011 for my 18th birthday my parents brought me a new camera and that got me through SO many nights out, possibly the camera that captured memories from the age of 18 to 22. I can't begin to explain the battering that camera took, which is why I treated myself to a new camera two years ago - and until recently along with my phone, keys and purse...a camera was another essential I wouldn't leave the house without. 

You can't be surprised that I've also saved money and purchased my own DSLR camera's over the years too - I've always had a keen interest and wanted to branch into photography as a career path, maybe one day Sarah, maybe one day ey. 

There's an obvious difference in camera quality between the Canon 600D and either iPhone's, a noticeable difference you'll be able to spot in the images above. HOWEVER, the iPhone camera has vastly improved over the years from a 5 to 12 megapixel camera, and don't get me started on how much they've improved the front facing camera too. Luckily for me having a phone that has a 12 megapixel camera quality does mean that my digital camera doesn't need to be lugged around with me for every occasion, although if I were to be attending a blogging event or taking some (semi profess/amateur) photographs for friends and family I'd opt to use my 18 megapixel Canon 600D. 

Being able to automatically edit a photo as soon as it's been taking wins the battle here. Once I've taken my photograph I can switch to my camera roll and edit the photo and once that's been done; I'll edit some more over on VSCO. Personally I focus on edited the exposure, brightness and contrast as well as the colour temperature.  

I do find it a little bit of a faff having to take photos and then have to switch my SD to my laptop and the editing process is just so much longer with the DSLR. However I have some settings on my camera which mean I have a lot less editing to do once I'm on my editing software (I use Polarr Photo Editor Lite btw). I have the Auto Exposure Bracketing set a higher; between 0.1-1.5+ and will find the best White Balance setting to get the correct colour cast & temperature for the shot...unfortunately, this is as manual as I go with my photography, lazy girl over here. 

{Changing the A.E.B - menu > the second red tab > expo.comp./AEB > change the setting to - or + depending on the brightness you want} 

I've always blogged alone; I've always had my door shut and done everything alone, so self-timer is my BEST FRIEND. Taking any makeup shots, outfit posts and anything that requires me being in front of the camera and luckily for me I've got myself a little remote - which is a god send...and also a bastard from time to time. The best part of the self-timer is this is available on all camera's, so if you're as shy as me when it comes to taking photos or outfit shots...luckily, as long as you're prepared for the tediousness repetition to get the perfect shot, have yourself a tripod (or a makeshift one) it's possible to capture the images for any blog post. 

Personally I've always been one to use natural lighting; typically taking all my photographs between 11am and 2pm. I have a space on my bedroom floor that has direct sunlight and will lay everything out and will usually take bulk photography. I've always found it easier when editing to have natural lighting and find the flash quite harsh on both the Canon 600D and my iPhone. Last Christmas my parents brought me a light box however didn't really get along with it. It may be something I test out again this year as I don't want it to go to waste. 

If you're wanting to use natural lighting, find the best place at home to have a set up. For me this is typically in front of my bedroom window as in the morning the sunlight faces my bedroom.

The sad truth is; I was extremely excited to pick up my new iPhone 7 plus for the portrait mode and unfortunately have had nothing but trouble trying to get the perfect shots with it. I'm either too close, too far away or my lighting is sucky, so iPhone 7 - I hate you. HOWEVER, you can see in the above picture the difference between the 7 & 8...and I much prefer the images from the Canon & iPhone 8.

From my time of using all my gadgets, personally I will always turn to my DSLR for my blog photography, I think I create much better content through this camera. My iPhone is great for personal and everyday photography and for those little snippets into my blogging life, however it's not enough to hang up the Canon and to use that camera permanently. 

In all honesty; do what you want when it comes to your blog photography. Want to use your phone, digital camera or branch out for a DSLR, go for it. Who am I or anyone else to tell you what to do! BUT just know if money is a stretch or you're just starting out, using your phone is possible and quality isn't all that bad anymore. 


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