Festive Winter Makeup.



The issue with wanting to take a break from blogging is the fact that when I created this makeup look I couldn't resist from taking some photos for a future post and when initially I said I wouldn't touch anything blog related until the new year - I mean it's fine and everything but I'm reminding myself that I wasn't going to upload any content until the new year and once January arrives - the festive period has kind of ended, so isn't this all a little pointless? 

So if you could spare me the awkward timing and please just enjoy the post for what I wanted it to be in December and pretend it's still a week until Christmas and you need some makeup inspiration - thank you. 

With this look I wanted to incorporate on my everyday routine and keeping everything quite simple. I spotted on social media how so many of my friends and family wore zero makeup and spent Christmas Day in their pj's - personally I'm very jealous about. And although I was going to be keeping things as simple as possible; it turns out that's just not me and I wore a glittery cropped top layered with a black vest and I added a little too much glitter onto my eyes, which after receiving a new eyeshadows it was essential I had a play (this also means another makeup look I can share, if you're interested).  

I mean even though I consider myself a beauty blogger - this girl likes to stick with what she knows when it comes to makeup. And that means I've spoken endlessly about these makeup products throughout 2017. 

And if you've been here for previous posts, you may remember my everyday routine. But if you've forgotten I'll give you a recap. I start every routine with the COLLECTION PRIMED & READY before adding a full coverage of the RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION which works perfectly fine for my skin...however I need something with a little more coverage if you have any recommendations please send those via twitter. I've also rediscovered my love the SCULPTING PALETTE towards the end of this year and can't finish any routine without adding a little contour to my cheeks, using my COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER to cover up any blemishes and to create a little more structure to my face. Recently I've been using that same bronzed colour form the sculpting palette and blending that into the crease of my eyes, with my KIKO in the outer corners of the crease before applying my E.L.F EXPERT LIQUID LINER JET BLACK which is now a stable part of my makeup bag and I don't think I'll ever use another eyeliner; that precision is everything. I think complete everything with my KIKO VOLUMEYES PLUS ACTIVE MASCARA.

It's always a little miserable to see the end of the festive period but just like the rest of 2017; it was a massive roller coaster of emotions for me. Between feeling excited for the season, getting to spend time with my family, I also spent a lot of time feeling quite low and miserable about little bits and pieces. Similarly to others at this time of year I'm looking forward to the new year; not only to concentrate on my blog and to focus on other projects I want to attempt - I'm excited to leave so much negativity behind, concentrate on myself and moving on from my heartbreak and to just become the better person I'm already becoming. 

Now I'm going to sleep for the first week of New Year as I've worked so many long and late hours in the week between Christmas and New Year.

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