Why I want to focus on self-care in 2018.



Hello! My name is Sarah, I'm 24 and I've recently discovered how much I like spending time alone and how i want to do that more in 2018.  

What I appreciate about blogging is the simple things I've learnt, I personally never thought that through beauty blogging I'd learn so much about mental health and recognised these attributes in my own life and something I've noticed throughout the year is blogger's focusing their attention on self-care. Whether it's been a tough week at work, personal and life issues or just generally have a bad time with your mental health; we all need to take time for ourselves. And what I like about self-care is that can be anything you need it to be, spending time alone or with people. Being in the comfort of your home or getting out and having adventures. doing whats best for you. 

Over the years I've recognised that I take more time to for myself during the colder months. I appreciate evenings spent wrapped up in bed with my fairy lights brightening my room and endless amounts of tea until I fall asleep. Recently I've noticed how my anxiety is still present yet I feel calmer in myself and don't find myself with the need to switch off or focusing entirely on a day of self-care, however it doesn't hurt to have them from time to time. 

Today I wanted to share the little things I do that make me happier, I'm judged quite often for some of the things that make me happy but do you know what? Fuck anyone who laughs at the things that make me smile and fuck anyone who makes you feel that way too. 

I mean, this is just an essential of getting by with my day to day life. I was half way through writing this blog post and paused to get myself a cuppa and have a chat with my parents. A couple days ago I was at work and had gotten stressed (over nothing lol) and had to take 5 to grab myself a cup of tea. What I appreciate about self-care is that it doesn't have to be another special, it doesn't have to be a planned evening; it literally can be something as simple as being stereotypically British and having a good ol' brew. 

If you've followed my blog throughout 2017; you'd have spotted I was trying to watch as many films as possible which in total was 277 (woah!). Due to one reason or another not all 'self-care' moments would be fixed through watching films; dealing with my break up and particularly bad days for instance; a film just couldn't fix that. However after a long day at work, on my days off when no-ones around to see, movies days are my favourite. I have a selection of 'go-to' movies including; she's the man, kingsman, calet girl & sweet home alabama. Sometimes my inner disney fan comes out and I'll watch multiple animations or even a cheesy flick like high school musical. I've always been quite fond of watching films, again if you've read my monthly movie lists over the last 12 months you'll be aware that I don't stretch too far away from my genre of comedies, family or chick flick films...I know what I like and they calm me down, sorry not sorry. 

It's not very often I do this to be honest; it's been a couple months since I popped in my headphones and went wondering, the last couple times resulted in my crying through the street and you kind of get some judging/worrying looks when you do that. But popping on my favourite playlist and having a wonder is a personal favourite. It's something I used to do with my ex-boyfriend; whenever I was filled with anxiety and I needed to get things off my chest, he'd walk with me until I felt better. I guess it's a little tough to find it therapeutic now that I don't have that comfort of someone walking with me, but this year is about me building myself back up again, being my own person and finding comfort in things I once had help with. 

I've admitted I like being alone but some days loneliness is the root of all evil and I need some company. Whether it be plans we've had for weeks or calling them up to see what they're doing, friends make everything that little bit better. We're only a couple weeks into the new year but so far I've focused on being with people who lift up my spirits; whether that be catching up over a coffee, watching a film or heading to events (like 101 Dalmatians, Paramore & potential tattoo appointments). Personally I wouldn't be in the head space I'm in this year if it wasn't for these friends; I've had some toxic relationships over the years but I'm so pleased to say I'm getting rid of those people and focusing my attention of the good people.

Now this is my 'break glass incase of emergency' kind of self-care. For those really bad days, for the days i've cried more than I should ever admit to and when I just need some peace and quiet. I now live in a house with a bath so you can only imagine the amount of baths I've been having since July, if I have any on hand, I'll add a candle or two, grab my cup of tea, create as many bubbles as possible, listen to that same spotify playlist that calms me down and relax for an hour. Then once that's done, I'll binge eat some snacks and watch something easy going on Netflix.

I talk quite frantically about self-care recently, encouraging my friends to do the same but what I love most about this is doing what you love. It doesn't have to be that exciting and it doesn't have to involve a lot but if it makes you happy, I say 'you do you boo'. I've spent my evening trying to create some blog content, finish this post and coming up with future plans, the house has been empty and I'm more content with life than you could imagine.

Self-care doesn't require much effort and thats what I like about it. It's about knowing when you need to take time for yourself, whether that being breaking away from people, work or difficult situations. It's about putting yourself first and doing what's best for you - so I hope you're all joining me on this journey this year, because girl I'm excited to see everyone love themselves that little bit more x

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