Every month I set myself the task of sharing my monthly favourites and every month, it's a toss up between minimal products or I've lost interest in blogging (yet again)...basically I'm a lazy bitch and I haven't shared my favourites for months, 8 months in fact. 

As it's been such a long time since I've shared my favs with you - I thought I'd combine this with a little life update because alongside all the beauty products; who doesn't love a good rambling post, also this girl has a lot to get off her chest. 


I have a more detailed post coming soon about my everyday makeup routine however there's certain pieces I couldn't resist sharing earlier. My personal favourite of the month was THE MAKEUP REVOLUTION CHOCOLATE ORANGE PALETTE; which I've totally been in love with since I opened on Christmas Day. The red and orange tones work perfectly with my *debatable* hazel eyes, my personal favs being the deep brown, plum red and the matte orange shades - surely you'll begin to notice how much I've been using them recently. 

I focused my attention on fashion throughout feb, being more attentive to the outfit choices I had and treating myself a little when at the shops. I'd headed to primark once or twice last month and started with the studded boots which cost me a meer £3. THREE FUCKIN' POUNDS. On another trip I picked up the oh, so beautiful polka dot culottes which fit like a dream and give me the greatest feels when wearing them - ps. I've found that they work perfectly in both formal and informal choices. My final fashion favourite this month was this RAINBOW TEE beauty from forever 21, unfortunately I'm beginning to find the fabric clings to my skin but I'm so in love with the colours and have so many ideas for future outfit posts - I'm not entirely bothered. 


One of my favourite posts to write throughout 2017 were my MONTHLY MOVIE REVIEWS but due to my brain farts of February I lost motivation to watch movies or pay much attention to keeping track of which films I'd been watching. Unsurprisingly however, I do remember watching KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE for the millionth time and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN for the fifth time... easily these two films have bumped top of list of film favourites in the last 12 months. 

Whilst my film watching has gone down hill, I've been spending every free moment watching TV. From the beginning of February until mid March I've gotten through seven whole series of SHAMELESS(uk) and I have no regrets. Re-watching the antics from the Chatsworth estate has been one of the things that has kept me sane throughout my very anxious filled February and March. I've also been keeping up to date with the latest season of GREYS ANATOMY and getting excited for the launch of STATION 19 - WHICH FYI if you're a fan, you may be as heartbroken as I am about the recent news of two of my fav characters not returning for season 15. 


Things have been a blur recently; whilst no 'major' events have happened throughout the last couple of months. I've felt in a complete slump with my blog, work and life in general, I've struggled to find the 'umpft' to get things done, fortunately for me I have some extremely supportive family & friends who're helping me find the help and keep me motivated. 

I don't want to dwell on the negative for too long because February was a brill month filled with fun and adventures and the end March is expected to be pretty similar. Feb started w/ a trip to Nottingham to see DON BROCO at Rock City with one of my besties, Laura. The following day we headed back to Birmingham for me, Laura and Sam getting out tattoo together - my first tattoo which I'm absolutely in love with (fyi). We surprised Laura with a princess tea party, a session at RAGE ROOMS BIRMINGHAM and surprising her with inviting her other friends for a group meal to celebrate her 24th birthday - btw the rage rooms were hilarious, highly recommended. I met up w/ a college friend and we trekked through snow for alcohol and food (standard) and I got to hang out w/ one of my oldest fiends from my dance school. I celebrated Mother Day with my momma, nan & aunties, I learnt that going to THE DOGS TRUST was a bad idea as I found a puppy I wanted to adopt, we headed back to my nan's for a cooked dinner and LOTS of alcohol ; all fun and so lovely to spend the time with everyone. 

I have some time off from work approaching and my best friends {Sam & Laura} are taking me away for my birthday weekend, I've been told the location and nothing much so I'm excited to see what we get up-to over the next weekend...something I'm sure I'll be sharing on the blog very soon. 

....and I think that's everything. 

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