Oh hey. 

It's been a while since I've talked beauty over here. 

But do you ever notice when you've been using the same products over and over (and over) again. Well that's certainly been the case for me lately, whether it's been due to lack of funds or just knowing what I like and well I've gained a pretty familiar makeup collection and I've stuck to the same routine majority of the time. 

I have quite the basic *everyday* routine, especially when it's a 10 minutes job. I stick to the same products, the same shades and the same techniques on my day to day routine. 


I'll start every routine with the COLLECTION PRIMED AND READY PRIMER    - I'm personally not a fan of this product as I think it's the cause of my spotty chin and truth be told I don't notice my makeup lasting any longer with or without this product...I just feel like I miss a step if I ever go without primer and due to the lack of funds I'm going to use this until it's completely out. And using RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION FOUNDATION - I've used so many different over the years and to this day I'll continue to search for better; however this has the best coverage and shade for me right now. The light/medium coverage which I've discovered is best applied with a beauty blender and I'm beginning to accept the flaws on my skin and embrace that this foundation doesn't completely cover everything - in particular my rosy red cheeks. 

Typically I'll then contour with the RIMMEL KATE MOSS SCULPTING PALETTE one of which is *always* mentioned on my little blog, after recently expanding my talents I'll occasionally apply the shimmer highlight too (if I'm feeling adventurous).  Completing this look with the ever so trusted COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER  under my eyes, on my forehead, down my nose and covering any blemishes on my chin before using the MUA PRO-BAS MATTE SATIN PRESSED POWDER.


You know you've been a long time follower when you're bored of hearing about my love for the MAKEUP REVOLUTION FLAWLESS PALETTE so I'm sure you're not surprised to know I've continued to use this every now and again. Since Christmas it's favouritism has been shared with the makeup rev CHOCOLATE ORANGE PALETTE. Typically switching between both palettes to use the matte light to darker brown shades depending on how heavy I want to work the look into the crease of my lid, sometimes I'll match it with one of the golden shimmer colours {but that decision is made few and far between}. I'll then match any look I've created with with ELF EYELINER - one of the best eyeliners I've found in a long time, and I know for a fact with continue to repurchase for the foreseeable future. Switching between the RIMMEL SCANDALEYES RELOADED or the MISS SPORTY PUMP UP BOOSTER mascara's to my lashes for thick, full and extra volumised look that I'm a little obsessed with..this is the part where I note that I'd be applying false lashes if I didn't find it a couple nightmare to do because mascara/lashes really finish off every look. 

...oh and not forgetting the BENEFIT KA-BROW to give my brows the full shape they always need...although I'm contemplating getting my brows tinted so that's one lesson tasks to complete every morning. 

And that's my everyday routinePretty simple, right?

To be honest my makeup routine can be one extreme or the other - either a no makeup/natural look or completely out there. I love experimenting with makeup and routine but these are the products I'll typically use or revert back to and know for a fact will repurchase again in the future. It turns out I'm digging the simplistic look of the bare minimum but personally I think that's just showing how lazy I'm becoming with my routine and wanting to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed every morning {she says like she works a 9-5 job}...I can assure you now that this has been shared in a couple weeks time I'll have discovered a palette filled with shimmers and colours and I'll be a bright rainbow....but if thats the case, I'll be sure to share it with you! 

Although I'm pretty content with the products I'm using at the moment, it doesn't stop be from being interested in other products...so whats your fav makeup product you'll always recommend to someone? 

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