I'd been meaning to write this post for a while now but I kept putting it off, who wants to hear a part-timer talking about 'why you should consider creating a blog'. Personally I think I'm going to come across like a condescending douche, but a couple weeks back an old friend sent me a message asking me for some help/tips/recommendations to create her own blog.

Gemma, I hope you're reading this because thank you for the inspiration to finally share this post. At first I was a little shocked and confused because, why me? What makes me a person that can give any advice and then I was excited and my head exploded with ideas because I realised, this February marked five years since I started this little blog. For five years I've been battling between creativity and bloggers block. For five years I've been teaching myself little tricks whether it be for my photography, content or about how to share my blog through various social media sites.

Like I've already admitted; I'm a part-timer. I'll write solidly for a month before disappearing for another. My photography is on point 1 in 10 times (as much as I'd love for the statistics to be different), editing bores me to tears and I have the attention span of a fish. But even though I'm not a girl who's ready to go full time with my blog, I've been watching the community [albite from afar] but I've been watching all the the same. I'd like to think I know a thing or two, I know tricks and whether or not I put them into practice myself...I want to impart some wisdom onto the guys and gals who're just getting started. 


I've talked about this a little further down but the best way to gain following is to be active online. Connect your blog to all social media's you use. This is the one concept of blogging where i struggle to 'practice what you preach'. For a blog to be successful you need to be willing to be active online and sometimes my mental health just likes to switch off for a month or two. However for your blog to be somewhat successful, be sure to set up a 'branded' account for your blog via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Oh hell, I've even contemplated a separate snapchat account to share content via the overrated but cute filters. Linking as many together to chat with others, sharing your links and getting yourself 'out there' will improve your following and readership. 

If your serious about your blog, and I mean this as a *becoming a content creator* rather than it just being you're part-time hobby. Take consideration about your name and whether it's the 'brand' you're ready to create. With blogger if your blog is still under the domain; you'll be unable to change your blog name if you have a change of heart a couple months down the line. Personally I wish I could think of something more creative as I've disliked 'See The Stars' since 2014 but hey I can't think of anything better...

I was blogging two years before I purchased my domain. And bear with me describing this in the simplest of terms; but purchasing your domain is essentially having ownership over your own blog and takes away the link from your web URL. I pay under £10 for a year subscription for my domain and set it up via Go Daddy and fortunately for me mine renews automatically every year so I've never had a problem since it's been set up. And although I've always been the 'techy' one between my friends/family I actually found this quite difficult to set up but luckily there's plenty of websites and guides online - like this one here.

Oh and if you're ever looking at expanding your website design, you can find cheap Wordpress & blogspot 'themes' on websites such as ETSY, if you're ever looking for something a little more personal or 'header' designs there's plenty of other bloggers who're selling this as a service to gain some extra cash {help a small business out, hell yes!?} or if you're ready for a bigger 'makeover' on you're blog I had the help of PIPDIG - you'll be surprised what you'll find from a little search on twitter.  

Once you've got your social media's all set up, search through your reading lists, find the bloggers that you already know and love, connect with friend who write blogs and simply get connected. Follow as many people on as many platforms and just get as in involved as possible. Whilst your blog, your content and creating your brand is SO important for starting a blog, interacting with other bloggers will be so rewarding in the long run. Your biggest support is going to come from these guys and gals, you'd never believe the friendships I've formed via Twitter. Unfortunately for me I work majority evening shifts and simply can't find the time to get involved like I could before, luckily for me during my time at university I'd spend most evenings on twitter connecting with people I still consider friends. 


...Oh hell, take risks too, take all the risks possible, it's your blog after all. It's just I'm the kind of girl who keeps things in the safe lane. I know what I know and 99% of the time I'll stick with that. From time to time I've tried to branch away from the 'niche' that my blog has somewhat formed, I've tried talking about my different interests but have found that most people return to my blog for my personal rambling and my movie reviews and I lead a pretty boring life so I don't have much else I want to talk about. 

Finding your niche will set your blog into a certain category but that isn't essential, knowing your niche might mean writing what YOU know about and your niche may be the thing that makes your blog individual and unique to the other bloggers around. Go with what fits your personality, the things that you know the most and you're most passionate to write about and enjoy writing. 

Oh and never force it. 


Did you read my recent post about DSLR VS IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY after discussing my thoughts between the use of both for blogging, I admitted that after four years of using my canon 600D there's no turning back for me, although I'm more open to use my phone and other camera's for my photography now.  Realistically I still have a whole lot to learn about my camera, I just don't have the attention span [or patience] to learn anymore but luckily for me I use the auto-settings like a pro. My point here being; stick to what you know for a while but don't be afraid to learn more and by all means whether thats your phone, digital camera or DSLR, sharing your photos on your blog should be something you're proud of - so enjoy taking your photos.

Also if you're after a list of editing softwares you've got plenty of options. Whilst you've got pricer options like Lightroom and Photoshop my personal favourite's have to be VSCO for my phone and POLARR for my MacBook. 

With all the *technical* bits out the way; the most important thing about blogging is doing it for yourself. 

Becoming the blogger you want to be, writing what you want, when your want. Don't feel forced into following brands, saying you like things when you in fact hate them or trying to fit into the #bloggergoals 'niche'. 


The biggest struggle we all face as bloggers is creating posts we don't love just for the sake of our audience, you begin to notice patterns in what your audience returns back to read and if that works perfectly for you and your interests that keep going. BUT if you're wiring things that don't interest you for the sake of a couple extra views, stop right now and create a post you'll enjoy reading. 


This one might be a little bit weird; but bare with me. Obviously go at any pace you'd like, who am I to tell you that - what I mean with this is, if you're not 100% ready to share you're blogging with the whole world. Don't. It's taken me until 2017 to be completely comfortable with the idea of people finding this corner of the internet; I wrote a blog for one year before I shared it with my ex-boyfriend, my twitter was 'for bloggers only' until my friends and family started finding my twitter handle. Personally with a gaining of following it's a little difficult to 'hide' online and I'm at a position where finding out an old friend or a work colleague has found my blog doesn't phase me, I'm excited to hear their perspective on what I've written. Go at your own pace, share when and what you're ready for. 

And I think that's about as much advice I can give you for now, I've really struggled with my blogging this year - with a couple personal things and my mental health just knocking my confidence and lowering my energy. I've taken a couple steps back from writing and taking photographs and after  spending time with SWEET ALLURE I've been completely inspired to get back on top of my blogging game and boy, let me tell you, this is so refreshing. So many ideas, so much time and already so many posts scheduled for the next couple weeks....I wonder how long it'll be until I disappear this time. 


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