Hey, hello, hi, remember me? Sarah? No didn't think so. So I may have recently just dropped off the face of the earth and have been hiding on another planet for the past three (?) months and before I speak too soon, I not sure if this is an official 'come back' but I'm desperately hoping it is. 

I want to create a little bit of a life lately and update you all on my whereabouts recently so I don't want to dive too far into the welcome back post - too soon. 

Back in April I decided to switch off all 'blog' related social media, I stopped uploading and checking things out so frequently - I stopped forcing myself to try and photograph every morning, I stopped forcing myself to type and just decided to take that time to relax. My mental health has been very up and down this year, my work schedule has been hectic and I've been trying to find time to sustain my social life - so I decided my blog needed to take a back seat for a short period of time and for the last three months it's possible it was the best decision for me. I waited until I had ideas, until I wanted to take pictures and honestly I'm not thinking too much whilst writing this post [incoming on rants and rambles, spelling mistakes and a post that potentially makes no sense] so please bare with me. 

This all being said, I've been watching from afar - hoping for the day I was ready to return - mostly via Instagram and youtube and I have a list as long as my arm of bloggers/youtubers/content creators who have kept that tiny part of me wanting to return to blogging. 

So to keep things short and sweet - I'll be doing the ever-so typical 'See The Stars' post and creating a list of all my favourites: 

It's not just that I love Sweet Allure as a blog but I absolutely adore the girl behind the blog. Tarnya has become a massive influence on me in the last couple of months. Whether it's content creating or life things. She's one of the strongest people I've ever come across; works her butt off and constantly shares such a positive attitude. Tarnya has been sharing majority of her content via Instagram recently; she's experimenting with a variety of different images, editing tools and just sharing some kick ass content, proud of you boo. 

Jemma is someone who I've admired throughout my time blogging; not only for her passion for blogging but her passion for everything she does (little plug to her website because its adorbs). Jemma is definitely one of those people you want on your friends list, she's bubbly, colourful and just so genuine and I think that reflects in all the work that she does. Whether it's the creations she makes for her Etsy page, the photography she shares on Instagram or the content she writes on her blog - Dorkface is constantly working and creating and in turn constantly inspiring me to do more. 

Personally I think it's the name-sake that draws me into Melanie or it's her positive attitude, I'm not sure which. I know Melanie Murphy has been on Youtube for a number of years and I'd heard the name floating around but I never really given her much of a chance and that wasn't until this year and I've been hooked since. I've learnt so much about life, love, sex and dating from watching her video's and whilst I know I'm nowhere near her standards the way she views life, the way she's shares stories and the things she does online has given me so many ideas over these past three months. 

Do you ever have one of those bloggers who you follow and constantly stay inspired by? Well mine is Robyn!? I've been following Robyn for what, almost three years now and my love her content, photography and her personality has just grown and grown. When we're part of a community with most bloggers focusing their attention on 'mainstream' fashion and beauty blogging - I find it completely refreshing to find a blog like Midnight and Lace where Robyn talks about goth fashion and has really open and honest lifestyle posts. I love ya girl x 

I have been following Emily for years, we've been friends for a while now too and I absolutely adore the girl and love, love, love everything she does. She's grown massively as a content creator even just in this last year. Whether it's sharing things on her blog, Instagram or youtube, Emily is just doing perfectly. I follow Em mostly via Instagram and watching how passionate she is over her content and what she wants to do for a living, the fashion and beauty she shares is completely unique to other accounts I follow and just by being her, keeps me 100% inspired. 

Do you ever have an account you follow that you know you could never in a million years become anything similar to but you obsess over anyway?...well for me, thats The Sorry Girls. I've been watching there channel for years, years before I even started my blog and I am honestly in love with their DIY's, thrifting challenges and recently their vlog channel, they just have this aesthetic that I aspire to be one day, Kelsey lives in their warehouse/unit/loft/office place and I don't know that somehow inspires me, it's so cool and recently watching their content has given me such a push to work on my own, so thanks Becky, thanks Kelsey. 

Ahh, do you know what? It's 2am, it's taken me two days to complete this post but I DID IT! Yay. 
Sometimes you feel this pressure to become like the creators you adore and other times you just have to remember that they are amazing and you're inspired by them for a reason, so find you own spark, your own talents and just do you. Because you never know, you could be inspiring someone yourself. 

It's honestly so good to be back, I'm pretty sure I'll forget to schedule this and I'll never upload a relevant post onto Instagram...but slow and steady is my aim and hopefully that'll work out for me.

How are you all? I've missed you. x

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