31.8.18 Can Pastilla, Illes Balears, Spain


You can catch up with MALLORCA: DAY ONE here. 

After a lengthy first day, we had a slow start to our day. Heading down for breakfast because who can start their day without a morning cuppa, we took a short stroll down to the beach and I spent a couple hours lounging on the beach whilst my momma swam in the sea (...rolls were reversed throughout this holiday, that's for sure).  

We spent majority of this holiday on the PLATJA DE PALMA BEACH I'm pretty sure we didn't even hit the half way mark along the beach, it's filled with bar beaches, shops restaurants and a variety of more bars along the road side, almost everyday we took a walk along this stretch testing out new bars, I'll be discussing each different restaurant/bar on each day's post.  

I had already burnt from our first day so we'd decided to take it easy for our second day, we probably only spent an hour at the beach in the morning whilst I was reading ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE and listening to the MAMMA MIA! SOUNDTRACK for the millionth time this holiday and mom was doing her daily work-out in the sea...I definitely don't take after her for that commitment. 

After yet another wonder along the beach we found an adorable little gelato shop STARFRESCO which not only made gelato, but mixed all there flavours into milkshakes and even cocktail - so at 1pm whilst eating a chocolate ice-cream momma also treated us to a MANGO SPRITZ COCKTAIL which mom returned for on our final day as she loved it SO much. After our little wonder and ice cream, we discovered a little more of the island before heading back to the hotel for an afternoon nap & more of a lounge by the pool side. 

We'd had an early dinner on this day... again involving sangria, which was the only thing I liked about this restaurant. Sadly I was so unimpressed with the food, I didn't even take note of it's name but we had dinner, well momma did (...I played with mine like a child), had our sangria and headed back to the hotel as I'd gotten more sunburnt that my cute outfit was irritating my skin. 

With my beach waved hair, my minimalist makeup and my cute little dress I was seriously feeling those mamma Mia vibes so we headed to the beach and took some photographs of the sunset. One of my favourite things about this holiday was being able to show my momma photography, explaining the best ways to take selfies, showing her my edits and the important of the candid shot and definitely by the end of this sunset photoshoot she had it down to a T. 

We walked quite a while down this strip and finally caved from our extra long walk to find yet another bar and drank even more...sangria. At this point I'd not eaten much food throughout the day and definitely drank too many sangrias so stumbled back to the hotel and decided to call it a day. 

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