It's been less than a month since my five day holiday to Mallorca, Spain and it already feels like forever ago, but that's potentially got something to do with the fact I've been working basically non-stop since my return. 

After a rough couple of weeks, lots of tears, disappointment and questioning my next move in life, me and my momma decided that enough was enough and a short break was needed. I went into work the next day and booked a week off, found the most reasonably priced hotel/flights and searched the internet for the most comfortable (and flattering) bikini's and in a few short weeks we were on a plane to Palma De Mallorca. 

My last holiday was to Disneyland Paris in 2015 (which I think will always be my fav holiday), over the years my anxiety over travelling has gotten the better of me, I'd refused to go away and told everyone and myself that I didn't want to see the world and that the UK was just fine for me. And at 4am when we were leaving for East Midland's airport that fear really hit me, I stressed about every little detail and I'm pretty sure I was telling my mom to just turn round so we could go home. Looking back I'm so grateful my mom ignored my demands and instead turned up Mama Mia! Here We Go Again! on full blast. It goes without no surprise that we had a few struggles when we first entered the airport and this just added to my stress. After checking in, we headed to the pub for the standard food and booze and whatever time in the morning before a flight. 

Our flight was at 7am, we got our transfer and we were checking into our hotel ROC LINDA all before 11am...our hotel was literally a 10 minute drive to the airport. In my true impatient style, we'd barely settled into our room before I was in my shorts and dragging momma out the door to find the beach after a quick wonder around our new surroundings we found CAFE GUZO on the beach front where I discovered that sangria was the cheapest alcoholic drink on the menu - and also very tasty. 

Once we'd gotten to know a couple places and had drinks we decide d to head back to the hotel and actually check out where we were living for the week - HOTEL ROC LINDA was very basic, two beds in the room, wardrobe, desk, tv, a balcony and a bathroom with a walk in shower, oh but it had working air-con which was amazing. We'd paid less than £600 for the whole holiday, so I wasn't surprised by these details - we got breakfast every morning and would only cost us $43 to upgrade to half board meals. I'd gotten quite settled into our little hotel room by the end of our holiday, the poolside was reasonably quiet and there was a bar right next to it and looking back I'd be more than happy to come back again in the future. 

We decided against going half-board as we thought it would be more fun to see more of the Island and eat out every evening, as pricey as it got - I really enjoyed it. After a rather long day, we had a quick lounge by the pool, headed back to the hotel room and got ready for our first evening out. In true Sarah fashion I was being a little indecisive with the menu; we must've walked past so many restaurants until I finally caved. 

We finally agreed on the menu at MARS and I'm so glad we did. We started with ordering Sangria Cava which I didn't know I would so in love with, oh my days - so tasty. I ordered some garlic bread, because life. With my Spaghetti Bolognese...which could've been a total disaster as I was wearing white jeans. After the most delicious meal and a couple more sangria's we headed to find somewhere for more drinks. 

With it still being our first day I was a little nervous about spending too much money and we found a little bar WATERFRONT which was run by a Scottish man and although we'd been away from home for less than 24 hours - gave me that homely pub feels with the rugby on in the background. We watched the sunset from the beach side and it was beautiful, I got a little more tipsy than I imagined I would and we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. 

Just from the first day alone; my mood felt uplifted, I was relaxed and I was in love with Mallorca. I knew these five days would fly by and I'd be back to reality. I can't wait to share the rest of the week with you. 


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