It's been no secret that I've been in a creative slump lately, whether it's been my blogging or general creativity. It's gone missing somehow, poof - vanished. I know I've been badgering on about my blogging taking a massive hit because of it and truthfully that's because I'm so disheartened and frustrated that I've allowed myself to get so deep in the slump. 

I'm always finding excuses why I can't sit in front of my computer, why I can't take my camera out for some test shoots, why I can't simply work and finding that creative spark again and maybe it's fear that don't want to discover it's just not there anymore, because let's be honest when you've grown up hearing that one of your personality attributes is 'CREATIVE' when it disappears you begin to feel a little lost. 

Okay, maybe that's just me. There's been a lot happening throughout 2018 that has made me sit and wonder my direction - who I've become and whether I'm *really* happy with this version of me. 

I follow all these amazing people online who wake up each morning and have a million blog posts written up before their tea and toast has gone cold (only a slight exaggeration) and I've not yet edited the photographs I took two weeks ago. I've been to multi job interviews this year and when the big boss asks 'what do you do in your spare time?' and it's slightly embarrassing when my answer is 'work & sleep'. I've been toying with the idea of downloading Sims 4 recently and yet I still don't have enough energy for that commitment. I've made the decision I don't want to stop blogging and I want to create again but I think I'm so fearful now that I can't move past this hurdle. 

Not only do I follow these people online but I'm lucky to have friends who enjoy being as creative as me and I know if I were to find something I wanted to work on; they'd be all for helping me. And one of those trips actually inspired this post...Meet Abbie! One of my lifelong friends, 18/19 years friendship infact, as the years go by our friends just gets stronger and stronger and a couple weeks ago she purchased a camera and asked if we could hang out so she could practice, we both got some great shots of the scenery and of each other (model poses). 

It's something so simple as going out with your camera and ya bestie and talking about life, taking photos and feeling content that can inspire you to do the things you love, knowing another person appreciates your opinion on something that you believe you're brilliant, reminds that it doesn't matter how good or bad I might be at something, if I'm passionate about it people notice that. 

There's so many creative things I've still not attempted and a million ones I have (and failed at) and I guess I'm yet to find that one that'll stick with me but until then I think it's time to bite the bullet and get creative again - head to the crafts stores, spend hours on Pinterest finding inspiration and generally stop holding myself back and love whatever I can creative. 

One project I've wanted to attempt lately is vlogging and whether thats my daily life or finding different ways of filming...I want to get back into video editing. I guess what I'm trying to say at this point is, I'm getting back into the swing of things with my blog and I'm ready to face my creativity challenges I've been putting off for the last 12 months. 

Any tips, recommendations or anything you want to share with me, I'd love to hear it all...  

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