Whilst we were away, every night before bed I'd ask Mom what she wanted to do the next day and mom being mom was pretty chill with whatever decision I made. So after asking for quiet days previously and instead having another busy one, I'd said that the next day - mid way through our holiday we'd do very little. 

I think the problem is; I'm not very good at sitting still for too long. 

So today I was determined, we woke up late and had to rush down for breakfast (I couldn't miss my morning cuppa). We headed to our pool side so momma could get in her morning exercise and I could work on my tan, I'd also been reading ELEANOR OLPIHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE

[ The book follows the views and thoughts of Eleanor Olphiant, a young adult with a troubled past who has worked in the same job since she finished education, the book follows her meeting new people and overcoming fears and essentially becoming a different version of herself, throughout the book you don't know what tragedy happened when she was younger but you begin to learn pretty fast that those traumas are the reasons for her standoff attitude and personally finding out that detail was the reason I was so committed to reading this book. ]

Although I have mixed feelings on this book, I couldn't put it down as I was so determined to finish it. Since reading this myself I've noticed a variety of reviews online so if you're a lil' book worm and you're yet to give this a read, I highly recommend you give it a chance...and when you do, let me know what you thought?! 

The night before I'd noticed a little lady doing hair braids and in my neglected childhood (not really, sorry mom) I'd never, ever, ever had my hair in a braid from my holidays, so as a responsible 25 year old I thought it was time to live out my childhood dreams...unfortunately we had no luck, we took such a long stroll along the beach front and we didn't find her until later in the evening. 

I probably don't need to point it out as you can see from the photos that we walked along the same stretch almost every day and each day we saw something new and I bloody loved it. After we'd failed to find the hair braiding lady, I was in desperate need of a sit down and something cold...so in all my classy forms we got cocktail/alcoholic ice lollies - which were a little strong/bitter/something I was disappointed in. But either way, I sat on the beach, watched the waves crash on the sand and had my lolly, and in that moment I was very very content with my life. 

We did the usual: headed back to the hotel, had a quick nap and shower and headed out for more drinks and food. 

Before leaving for the holiday I did some research about the area; places to visit, drink and eat etc, etc and one of the local places that I read up on was the Manchester Pub and obviously what better way to feel comfortable in another country is to visit a pub that reminds you of home - obviously. We popped into the bar, made friends with the manager and ordered some alcoholic slushies, mom had a peach archers slush and I couldn't resist the disaronno slush - both were fab, I mean if you're ever in the neighbourhood. We continued along the strip to find Palm Beach where we had dinner, it was a very basic pizza/chips/burger restaurant but after an unsuccessful dinner choice the night before, this was kind of perfect for me. And of course we drank more sangria, went for yet another walk before finding Gelats D'autor Capritxo for a rocher gelato, which like every other gelato stall, was just what I needed. 

We ended the evening with the sea at our toes as we walked towards our hotel, I'm pretty sure I continued to read my book and had an early night - apparently I can't handle heavy drinking and late nights when in another country (ha ha). 

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