It's been a while since I shared some movie favourites and last week I found these images hidden in the depth of my archive and realised I never quite finished this blog post, so thanks 2017 Sarah for the inspiration for this post. 

In fact if you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember throughout 2017 I kept track of all the films I'd been watching each month, all the posts are available to read - HERE. And I think after 12 months, 277 films later and spending majority of my time in a cinema for work, I'd grown a little bored of films and instead have spent most of this year watching TV series and with a couple new releases and some free time in the evenings I've been finding a couple hours to watch some. 

I want to focus on some of the SLUMBER-PARTY ESSENTIALS: FILMS that I still watch now but this is some serious throwback post today as I'm talking about all my favourites from my teen years; oh to be young again. Some of these I would watch religiously on my weekends, sometimes alone whilst trying to talk to my latest crush on MSN or endlessly scrolling myspace or with my high school best friends at our regular sleepovers. 

At least once a month or any special occasion we'd (usually at mine) would grab the biggest amount of junk food from the off license, sometimes order in take away -preferably pizza and watch all the teen dramas/rom coms we could until we passed out. Although I'm not friends with the girls from high school anymore, this was one of my fondest memories from 2007-2009 and would happily invited the girls round to mine for one last sleep-over, because that's what girls do best right? 

A film about a girl who dresses as her twin brother to play football against her ex-boyfriend, ya know that typical storyline? ...this is actually an adaptation of Shakespeare's play TWELTH NIGHT and I live for that. 

You might be new here and if you are, you may not know my love for this film. We all have that film that is our go-to choice and she's the man is mine. I discovered my love for this in 2007, I watched it constantly once I'd convinced my dad to order me the much so I can now quote the film almost word for word over 10 years now. I'd have sleepovers with my best friend as often as possible and would always ask for this film and I remember she turned the film off because apparently my singing and quoting was too irritating. 

I mean apart from the living on the beach and meeting a mermaid to make my wishes come true...I always felt like I related to Hailey & Claire in this film - but that was more because of their geeky ways and naive teenager attitudes and to this day, I still love them and honestly believe that if I could live by the beach this would be the life I'd want to lead. 

We all have those films that remind us of somewhere and sometimes in our life and Enchanted is one of them, not only is it the cutest/hilarious Disney film - it also reminds me of the time I went on my very first group date. We'd originally attempted to watch a 15 rated film when everyone was underage and could only get into this film, I sat next to the boy I had a massive crush on and giggled the entire way through. 

This is such an easy watch and perfect for the evenings when you've got so much gossip to tell you're friends and need some help believing in the magic of falling in love. Also, Patrick Dempsey. 

I genuinely think this is one of my most favourite choices for slumber-parties, I'm not sure what does it for me, my love for Sophia Bush, how hot Jesse Metcalfe is or just the hilarity of the storyline. Whilst this is based in high school I find this so much more relatable as an adult and love the idea that girls discover a guy is playing them all off and they go in search of their revenge - the music on this film is also top notch too. Actually, I have the day off today...I think I know what I'm watching this evening. 

Chasing Liberty seems to be a lesser known choice of all my friends; but its perfect. My favourite. The presidents daughter wants to live some kind of normal life, go on dates, hang out with friends and travel but with a strict father and lots of rules in place it's a little awkward. The film focuses on the decision to leave her fathers rules and all the guards following her and see the world - and as a teenager dreaming of what it would be like to travel the world, this film really encouraged me to look into the adventures I could take one day. 

Does anyone remember the sleepover club? Well, that and this always made me imagine what it would be like to live super close to my best friends and to create our very own little clubs/pacts/etc or to have those little things we'd do together. I mean to this day the idea that a pair of jeans can fit four girls perfectly still baffles me, but I adore the storyline, the stories the girls tell and oh my life, I'm in tears for the majority of it but one of my favourite films to watch. 

It's no surprise that all these are still my go-to movies when I'm having a bad day, if I need cheering up and just want something easy going, you should know that she's the man is always top of that list. Each of these remind me of something/someone/somewhere and not only do I adore each film for the characters and storylines, I love being reminded of good memories and the friendships I once had. 

When you're 25 and you've moved back into the box room at your parents house it's a little difficult to plan a sleepover with ya besties - but trust me if I had the floor space and a TV big enough, I'd be building me and my friends a fort, gathering all the pillows and blankets, ordering in a massive take away and having the most carefree evening. Ooh and I'd be forcing them all to stay up past our bedtimes to having huge heart to hearts, sharing each others secrets and laughing till we cry or crying till we laugh.

What you're go-to movie choice? Do you have a favourite memories from high school sleepovers. 

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