The minute October comes around I’m usually jumping for joy. Knitted jumpers and thick scarfs are on and all my autumnal candles are lit, but this year I seem to be holding onto every last inch of summer. 

It possible it’s got to do with the fact summer ’18 has been filled with holidays, adventures and so many drunk memories that I’m just not ready to let it go. And with autumn/winter usually being my favourite season; even I’m questioning whats wrong with me!? 

Just before my holiday to Spain I did a large order with New Look and over the weeks I’ve been ‘treating’ myself to a couple new items from my usual shops; primark, new look and H&M.  And although I’m extremely excited to update my a/w wardrobe, I’m still working my through all my new pieces. Personally I’ve been struggling with body confidence, the love of my body and my wardrobe the last couple of months, buying more and more clothes that *suit* my body shape and then hating them within a week…you can imagine what kind of damage I’ve done to my bank account - but hey least my wardrobe is full of clothes I never want to wear…woo! 

In a weird turn of events, even though I’m really uncomfortable lately - I’ve also been trying to push myself out of my comfort zones and try new pieces. I can’t quite describe the thought processes I have on a daily basis and I’m sure if I could, you’d be as baffled as I am. Because this exact outfit is so FAR out of my comfort zone, even I’m confused by the girl in the mirror. I was given the task to challenge my best friend to do my shop for a post with QUIZ - and whilst we’ve still got that full post to create, I wanted to use this dress to create a mini ‘haul’. When I’d scrolled the website I came across this STRIPED MIDI DRESS* and half an hour later, Laura sent over the same image (great minds, ey). And I’m so glad we both agreed with this outfit, because I bloody love it. With a variety of fashion posts coming your way soon, I've been spending so much time online checking out new pieces to update my wardrobe; updating my essentials for the season is vital but we've also began talks of our christmas party so I'm beyond excited to be checking out sites for that, some of my favourite choices have been the sequin dresses, so bright and colourful!? 

Obviously I’m not entirely comfortable to wear this in the way it’s intended, purely for the fact that my boobs don’t fit into the dress and I’m not comfortable with the lil’ bits of skin you can see BUT I love it nonetheless. So much so, I think I’ve found a way to make it the perfect autumnal outfit - with that mix of winter whilst keeping that touch of summer. 

I initially tried this on in store before this was so kindly sent to me; I sent a picture to Laura and after some confidence boosting from her, I decided that this was an item I needed. Obviously a week passed and suddenly my confidence plummeted, I couldn't wear it with  all that cut-out going on around my boobs and knowing I'd have so skin so on show...shout out to the girls who are comfortable with this!? So since I've been trying a variety of ways of wearing this to suit ME - I'd originally paired this with a black jumper and the chunky boots and have since been finding all the different ways to wear it, pairing this with a black tee underneath still allows me to feel comfortable yet let's me show all the detailing to this piece and I am living for it, this particular styling is now favourite of mine as I don't loose any of the detailing but also don't feel like I've compromised my feelings - yay for this dress!

*this was kindly gifted to me from quiz for this review, thoughts and photography are all my own* 

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