It's less than a week til' Christmas, I'm on the sofa with my cuppa and catching up on the Love Island; Christmas special...why don't I live in a house like this, please. 

With us well and truly in the midst of all the festive celebrations; I thought it's only right I share with you one of my favourite makeup products of this year and as you can tell from the usage...this really is my favourite and if you remember as far back as January; I was crazy for this when I GOT IT FOR CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR.

Throughout December I have countless celebrations and it's always the task of which outfit I'll be wearing and what look I'll be creating. This year has been quite chilled in comparison to most, I've had my Dance Christmas meal (got v drunk), my works Christmas party (even more drunk) and this weekend I've got Friendmas (my absolute fav), oh and Christmas 2.0 (this is a new one) and actually that's all my celebrations, gotta love being too busy with work to make too many plans. With majority of my friendships being through work though, it's been easier to spend the festive time with them as we had our party this week...which btw was incredible and I might even write a post about it soon. 

This all being said, I've felt a lot less stress when it comes to my Christmas outfits and the looks I've been creating purely because I've been too busy with working and a variety of things have made this the bottom of my priority list - I've not spent a penny on new party outfits (yay for recycling clothes) and well this CHOCOLATE ORANGE PALETTE is the only one I trust. Ask my friends, I've been using this to do their makeup too. 

Woah, I'm really feeling the festive buzz this morning, I'm scrolling through all the snaps we've taken over the last few weeks, staring at the fairy lights on our Christmas tree and I've got the tunes playing full blast - oh what an exciting time of year. 

One of my closest friends picked up this palette for me last Christmas after I fell in love with the warm red tones and it's been a big love affair all year long. I'm the girl who changes me hair more often anything else and these colours have really complimented my hazel eyes and any drastic hair change I've made this year...the blonde period throughout the summer was a personal favourite combination. 

I've been pairing these shades with a nude lipstick, again my only go-to this year being the NYX lingerie liquid lipstick ...which I had a heartbreak thinking I'd lost it earlier in the year (so much drama, I know). 

You can clearly see my top choices for the shades I use on a daily basis, typically I'll switch between the red and orange shades whilst using the browns for that added definition if my crease, creating a lil' smokey look is essential and plus sometimes added that smokey look means I don't always need to add liquid eyeliner, such a winner. 

I was talking with a friend the other day how I should look into makeup more and I've really hit this wall of 'career crisis' this year, feeling stuck in a work place and just not entirely sure where I want to be this time next year. And with it being the new year soon and me being the biggest cliche you'll ever meet, maybe it's time to look into what courses are available, wish me luck guys. 

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